My First Chocolates From Du Rhone Chocolatier In Switzerland

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I’ve been told that Du Rhone Chocolatier in Switzerland is one of the best chocolate houses in the world. As you may expect, I was delighted when a dear friend brought back a gift bag for us from Geneva. My husband confessed that a friend had gobbled up half the chocolates before they reached home, but we were able to try the remaining chocolates together and discuss the flavour possiblities together, as there were no accompanying labels.

The company has been providing exquisite Swiss chocolates since 1875 and all of the chocolates had crisp dark shells with a luxuriously soft fillings in different flavours.

The mini ginger stick was very strong, and quite delightful for anyone who likes the sweet tang of ginger, and the soft centered contreau swirl square was lightly flavoured and smooth on the tongue.

The chocolate dipped candied orange was exceptionally sweet and perfect for satiating a childs sweet tooth, but I found that it was almost too sweet – leaving a lingering sugary tang that ran to the back of the jaw.

My favourite could have been the gold leaf sprinkled dark chocolate truffle which was very light and with a hint of something like champagne, but the plain square truffle trumped it with the melting blend of creamy dark chocolate flavour.


The white swirled licorice or sambuca chocolate was not a favourite because I’m not a fan of licorice, and the pink striped square had a flavour that I couldn’t quite place.

Diamond shaped, the caramel or nougat spotted praline was unexpected, and our final chocolate was a tart surprise with a single diagonal green stripe down the body making me think it might be a lime but my Dearest Beloved thought it was crisp apricot, and I’m inclined to agree.

Overall tasting my first chocolates from Du Rhone Chocolatier was quite a fun exploration and the chocolates thankfully weren’t too sugary, so I didn’t get much of the headache reaction which I can get from cheaper chocolates that are heavy on the processed sugars. Lovely, creamy, subtle yet masterfully crafted. Thumbs up.

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