Pearls & Arsenic’s First Magazine Cover + My Return To Corseting (After A Few Months Break)

I’m very much looking forward to returning to corseting after a few months away due to illness. I have missed the snug hug of fabric around my waist, and am excited to fit into my new Isabella corset from Ava Corsetry, which is the smallest sized 22″ corset I have ever purchased. I’ll write a review about it and some other brands soon, but all of my corsets are 22″ for reasons I’ve mentioned before, so I was surprised at how tiny the beautiful corset that arrived was – I wasn’t able to even close the busk with the laces fully loosened. Because my body has been under such stress lately I wondered whether I might have put on weight without realising it, but my size Small Angela Friedman corset and others fit as well as ever.

Anyhow, now seems an opportune time to return, with my health improving and my eyes turning back to work after far too long feeling helpless about my weight. The fabulous founder of Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store has agreed to stock Pearls & Arsenic corsets instore and has introduced my brand to an interviewer from local newspaper Apple Daily who is interested to do an interview on my designs.

Pearls & Arsenic launch at @SallyCocoHK

While this is quite exciting, I am just one person who loves designing corsets, so I’m not sure how fascinating the interview will be. Me sitting at my table placing and ironing swarovski crystals onto a corset is more relaxing than riveting.

However, they do want me to model some of the corsets, so I shall have to get back to wearing my corsets this week in order to prep my body for the day of shooting. I expect it will bounce back into it quite joyfully, (or at least I hope it will) since my belly has become flatter since I have been eating more appropriately for my body’s needs. (I have a carb intolerance? Weird, but whatever. I like raw foods and don’t have much of a choice anyways.)

Pearls & Arsenic first magazine feature – a cover!

Last month my first Pearls & Arsenic magazine feature was released, with eurasian top model Mia Kang on her first cover of Me! Magazine wearing our emerald green ‘Magdalena’ overbust. It was an honour and such a pleasure to have not only a feature but a cover, and this upcoming interview is also terribly exciting.

The first @LucyCorsetry red crystalled giveaway underbust!

I’ll be sure to update about the interview, and on my week returning to corseting, and please do keep an eye out for my instagram announcement of arrival of the new mesh corset prototypes that are being made now, and the Lucy Corsetry Giveaway that will be happening a few times a year!

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