My GuavaPass Fitness Access Hong Kong

I don’t see fitness on there…

Guavapass fitness pass? Who would say no? Well, maybe I would since I’m an incredible lazybones, but given that I was just returning to health after a few months of sickness (which I will probably bleat on about for the next few months) and my crossfit membership was just ending, I decided to say yes when GuavaPass offered me a free trial of their all-access pass to various fitness studios around the city.

Thankfully not to this gym (from ‘Dodgeball’ movie)

To get me going to classes (see : incredible lazybones) I decided to review different classes and studios and so my one month of guavapass reviews section was born – which you can see in the fitness section or REVIEWS header in the main menu.

Anyhoo, I decided to try as many classes using this GuavaPass as possible, and write up about my experience. They didn’t ask me to do reviews, but I thought it could be helpful to other people since I’d never tried most of the fitness styles before. (Again – incredible lazybones… you get the idea). I figured this would also be great writing practice for me, as well as offer some helpful information to people who were trying either the studios or the exercise for the first time, because it’s good to know what you’re signing up for!

Me in any class that requires coordination.

For example, I did aerial silks for my first time just before I started GuavaPass, and my first Pilates Allegro class. I’ll try the other options like kickboxing, pole dancing, indoor golf practice, hot yoga, kickboxing, cycling, hypoxi and write about my experiences here.

Hopefully the experience will get me back on track to get back to work in entertainment next year, since I’ve been delayed with all these bothersome health issues with food intolerances these last few months, but I think these GuavaPass classes offer some pretty gentle options that will help me get back to strength at my own pace, which is something I’m very much looking forward to. Tally ho – onwards and upwards to ever new heights of strength and adventure!


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