How Dieting Made Me Fatter

Like most people, when I gained weight during my studies I thought that dieting would be the way to shift it off. Instead, for the next two years my weight billowed and ballooned as I wrestled with binge eating and continually failed to lose weight. I found myself sick often, confused and very frustrated because I knew this was not my bodys natural shape or size, not realising that trying to force my body to adhere to an implemented diet was causing me so much physical stress and rebellion. Ironically, trying to diet was causing me to gain much more weight.

Through my life when I’d wanted to slim down a little I’d simply trusted my body, skimmed my portion size and introduced a little exercise – maybe 30 minutes a day of swimming, rowing, or something. Not a lot.
But when I had 30 pounds to lose fast, and with a new found love for Crossfit, I started to explore paleo, keto and Whole30.
Don’t get me wrong, learning new food options and more about the body’s processings of protein and fats was interesting, and pinpointing and releasing my carbohydrate/sugar compulsions were very welcome changes. My health is better for it since I now eat more vegetables than processed carbs.

But what did this cost me? Three wasted years of not being able to work much in entertainment, nagging health issues and feeling like my body was messing with both my head and my emotions… It was utterly exhausting.

Basically I have realised that my ‘diets’ were too extreme and my exercise too intense for my body, and inadvertently stressing my body out. Paleo worked quite well as an introduction, then Whole30 had me losing weight before my wedding, but keto just made me gain fat since I wasn’t yet in ketosis but was taking on extra fats in food.

However, what I’ve gained from this voyage of discovery is that I’m sure a loose combination of all three together with a relaxed attitude and allowance for carbs / treats will work far better at helping me achieve my weight goals than sticking to any one extremely.
My body just rebels too much when I try to deprive it, something I would have liked to understand earlier.


Another thing I’ve noticed is that as I gently decrease my portion sizes and cut back on dinners (the meal I like least) I already have more energy, which makes me think that the excess food consumed was causing me to feel sluggish and tired on a daily basis because my body was always processing something and never actually resting. An acupuncturist said my liver was in need of de-flabbing and I also read that constantly processing food puts quite a strain on the poor little thing.
Plus, I’ve recently (rather surprisingly) discovered that what I thought were my normal looking eyes were actually my eyes looking slightly puffy. I chanced upon this fact after eating cleanly for a few days and then having a sticky rice roll.

Puffed up like so.

In summary, I think scrapping the diets is a good idea. While they may work for some, if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation to mine perhaps you can try what I’m doing- gentle daily exercise, half portions, more veg less carb.

Get me outta this blubber and back to strong!

Personally I may try the simple strategy of exercise once a day, simple brekkie & lunch, vegetable / miso soup, tea with lemon, protein shake or other liquid type dinner. But I may just relax on thinking about my eating and focus on veg and clean foods that my body wants. (Currently cinnamon and garlic?? Thankfully not together….)
Plus an added element of some new exercise explorations may be fun, so let’s see. I’ve just been asked to try GuavaPass HK, which would allow me access to lots of different fitness places all around the city, so I may try that and do some fitness reviews.
Whatever the case, I want to get back to work in entertainment, return to wearing my dearly beloved corsets (which I haven’t been able to wear for over a month because of a stomach flu and food poisoning combo) and enjoy being the size and strength that I know I naturally am.
I think it will be a welcome return to myself, and it’s about time.

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