Today’s BEST THING EVER – Cinnamon!

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Given that there are so many things to get excited about in this big wide world, I thought to start a little series on the things that I think are the BEST THING EVER as they pass through my life. Previous best things ever include pink, labradorite gemstones, stained glass, peacocks (an ongoing best thing ever) and more.



I’m quite enraptured with it right now, and thoroughly lavish it onto a banana for breakfast in the morning.
I’m drinking the Yogi brand Detox tea which has cinnamon bark, and can’t seem to get enough of it – to the point that I’m starting to have it instead of junk food nibbles in the evenings, which is pretty fabulous.  Having never really appreciated cinnamon this much before, it’s a rather random but welcome new obsession for me.

Who knows why this is – I can’t really say. I went for my first acupuncture session a week ago (it was NOT fun, and yes, it felt exactly like being poked with a load of needles) and since then I have been craving garlic and cinnamon. Odd, no?

Extra cinnamon please.

But I shan’t question these marvellous things because I’m quite happy with my cinnamon banana breakfast and garlic dragon breath. Delicious indeed, and I’m sure there are some sneaky health benefits in there somewhere too! Sweet!

Oops, pardon me.

If you know of any fun healthy ways to use cinnamon, please do share – I’d love to know!
Stay tuned for more food and fitness updates, corset and entertainment adventures, and super geeky history explorations right here on RegencyGirl.

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