Kinesiology – What It Is And Why I Use It To Achieve More In Life

I love results. So I really don’t mind if something is unconventional or non-traditional or just flat out new age. I’m willing to try. And so it was that I discovered kinesiology a few years ago, by walking into a new age shop and asking what they had available “right now – within the next hour, preferably.”
They told me all of their practitioners were busy, but I might try giving an external practitioner a call – one who did some bodywork healing stuff that they really couldn’t explain.

It works how…?

With no ideas or expectations I wandered into my first session, where soft spoken founder Brett Scott welcomed me and calmly asked how he could help.
I was in my very early twenties, and I told him that I was annoyed all the time – inexplicably and about nothing – and wanted to be free of constantly feeling that way.

Ugh. Annoyance is boring…

He nodded his understanding and kindly directed me to kick off my shoes and lay flat on my back on the medicine table in the middle of the cosy room. Medical charts of lymphatic and vascular systems hung on the walls, and neat little bookshelves were packed with a multitude of varying volumes on healing and energy work.
I didn’t know then, but kinesiology – applied as well as holistic – is apparently used by some professional athletes to remove mental blocks in the way of success and unlock / allow full athletic potential to be reached.


The way it supposedly works is that kinesiology gently tests the muscles to find imbalances, and then links the bridge between the conscious and unconscious sides of the brain- helping out when one side wants something and the other really doesn’t. (For example – my body/subconscious holding anger to keep me ready to protect myself, and my conscious mind not wanting / needing this defense mechanism any longer).


And in todays example – if I want to stop binge eating, but my subconscious brain thinks that binge eating keeps me safe somehow, then it will sabotage my efforts to stop, even when my conscious brain is happily going to the gym and trying its best to avoid junk foods. These subconscious ‘sabotages’ are sometimes a little bit like having a tiger in the back seat and ignoring it and then being surprised when it acts up.

I could faintly hear one of the other practitioners pottering around outside and quietly taking a patient into one of the other rooms. I studied the charts and stared at the ceiling as Brett asked me to lift my hand up with my elbow still on the table. He put his hand on the top of my bent wrist, and softly wobbled it while asking me some questions. Then he put my arm down, sat on a low stool by my head and lightly placed his index fingers on my forehead, then a few other parts of my scalp. I suddenly felt absurdly sleepy, like I hadn’t slept in a million years. My eyes closed and then after some time I he thanked me for coming and asked if I had any questions.

What? That was it? I just spent US$130 (HK$1,000) to have my wrist wobbled and forehead prodded? I asked if I would need to come back often, and how many times he thought it would take me to make some progress on this issue.

To my great surprise, he said that this session should have been enough, and there was no need to return unless I wanted to.
That definitely caught me off guard – because how was he going to make money if I didn’t keep coming back to ‘fix’ this same issue? I left feeling quite sleepy and rather confused, and I was still caught up in my cynicism right up until I got to my front door, when I went to put the key in and realised that I felt NO annoyance about my dog barking madly. Shock, part deux!!

It was the first time I felt some relief from the underlying tenseness that simmered through my life as far back as I could remember, and the relief was inexplicable. My life didn’t change at that moment, but that sense of respite was massive to me. I felt like I had gained a tiny thread of control over something that I had come to feel helpless about.

From then onwards I returned for other sessions with Brett, always seeking progress to allow me to achieve more progress towards living, believing and embodying certain ideals in my life. (Working to be a better person with more love, less fear).
I can admit that my personal progress has been very tangible and positive in a way I am glad for.
As sessions went by and I dealt with ever deeper underlying issues, I was able to progress in my development of becoming the person I wanted to be – a woman I could accept, embrace, love and admire.

For a while, I went quite often. Then as issues started to resolve and dissolve, I went less – just once in a while for a tune up.

Today I go back in to Kinesiology Asia for a session with the goal of addressing my bothersome negative eating, which is proving to be an annoying hinderance to my fitness goals. Currently it feels rather like I’m in a Roadrunner cartoon, as Wiley E Coyote – forever trying my best but getting foiled every time. Perhaps it’s a result of trying to diet – something I’m increasingly realising doesn’t work at all for me. The deprivation just makes me rebel.

I’m looking forward to making progress on this issue, because as usual, I’m not quite sure what else I can do, having quite studiously applied all possible other options to resolve the situation.
I guess we’ll see any results by this years end – if I am able to shift the issue, I should be pretty happily fit and lean, and if not they hey, it’s not the end of the world and I shall just keep trying until I succeed.

NB. Post session update – what a relief! I hope to have done some decent clearing, and can already feel some of the results. Score!! A week and a half after the session I went into carb detox (agony!!! I write about it in Curves Like These) and over the rest of the month uncovered the underlying carb intolerance that has been making me unwell all these months (years?) I guess we’ll see more of the physical results in the months ahead…

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