3 Basic Yet Essential Financial Apps For Taking Control Of Your Financial Life

So after much trawling, trialling, and general avoiding of my receipts and general finances, I settled on using these three apps on a regular basis for basic management of my financial life.

Simply put, the way I look at it is as follows – the basics that we need to know are these:

1. OUTGOING : An app to track outgoing expenses, which is the very first step in taking control of our finances.

2. INCOMING : An app to see what’s owed to us, and make sure that we don’t miss any of those dollars we have worked for, or are owed to us by others.

3. WHERE WE’RE HEADING : An app to show us what we need for our future. And how long our finances will last.

And here are the apps I use for those three areas :
iXpenseit (for tracking & tallying daily spending) by FYI Mobileware
(Free Lite / $4.99 Pro)
Collect (for due monies like salaries / owed by friends etc) by DefYes (Free)
Retirement Calculator (to see how your older years look) by vvv & assoc (Free)

And here is why these 3 apps are the finalists, out of all the apps I tried :
(Note that these examples are just random from the apps on itunes – that’s why there’s no kimonos on there…)

This organised, easy to use app is invaluable for cross checking accounts, but most vitally it shows exactly where there are outgoings, as well as how much those ten vintage kimonos bought online over two weeks actually cost. (I regret nothing!!)
The free trial is very attractive and the $4.99 for Pro is some of the best money I’ve spent. (Apart from that chunk on those kimonos… THEY’RE EPIC!!)

This is a simple and straightforward free app that shows how much you’re owed, by whom, and when it’s due. I like it because of its simplicity, since I found other due monies/business apps could be a little overcomplicated. I use Collect for due monies from all my different agencies – I just type in the amount, click on the contact who owes it, and input the due date. It gives me a little alert on the date, and the contact’s information is there if I need to buzz/email them.

Retirement Calculator

This free app seems like a bit of fun with its adjustable numbers and immediate graph, but has a sobering dose of reality attached too – because it’s our future we’re calculating.
As you can see in the random example below, numbers are input and then the graph shows what age the money runs out by. For many of our generation, this decline around 80/90 will be the reality. As much as I love it, spending on flashy cars and fast fashion only digs a hole into our financial future. Unless we accommodate for it.
So I input living to 110 and work out exactly how much passive income I need to sustain life (without needing to work) after about 65 (which is when I figure I’ll give in to my innate laziness, buy lots of capes and live with fifty cats).
That’s 45 years I’ll need to have planned for (plus the cat food bills). So the point of this app is to help me make that calculation so I have a wake up call, and more incentive to save and invest wisely now.

And those are the 3 essential financial apps I’ve found that I use to manage my financial life.
They’re simple, easy to use, super efficient, and I can definitely recommend them. Just starting to use these on a regular basis can make a world of difference to the way our finances appear to us. Even if, as I mention in my post on finances & spending – you just do what I did / do and put all the receipts in a pile and ignore them for a while… once they’re input, it’s a very rewarding feeling.

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