Combined Eating Styles – Paleo + Whole Food + Ketogenic

How complex! Well not really. It’s just low carb high fatty whole foods. Sounds simple enough, but it’s weaning onto that style of eating that can be tricky. Here’s how I started doing it.

Sugar Addict Guide Recovery

As a sugar addict I had to first wean down veeeeerrry slowly off sugars by gradually replacing processed sugars with a lot of fruit, and then sometimes allowing myself processed sugar together with fruit, and so on. The book ‘Sugar Addicts Guide To Total Recovery‘ sounds a little ridiculous but really helped me with my very real sugar issues, which included withdrawal migraines, inability to sustain staying off sugar, anxiety and weight yo-yo’ing and more…

With that sugar battle behind me and my fitness journey underway, I’ve been able to figure out some techniques / tactics so that I can eat well with some junk food, and still exercise, burn fat and feel increasingly good about myself.

I started out by not reducing any of my junk intake, but just adding the healthy elements on top. So I’d eat ice cream and add an apple, or chips and add fresh orange juice. Then I also changed over to chocolate with no added sugar, and started to experiment with fun options like making fruit popsicles, and loading celery with peanut butter, a bowl of strawberries drizzled with chocolate with a scoop of ice cream…

This was really just to get my body less worried about what I would eat, and into accepting healthier foods together with my unhealthy foods. Then I just kept adding a little extra of the healthy food – maybe the strawberries with cream instead of ice cream, or dipping the strawberries in chocolate, or maybe just an orange today…

By allowing myself to continue having many of the foods I was used to, I helped myself to avoid the physical panic that can come with crash dieting and cause fluctuating weight loss & gain – something I gratefully learned from the sugar addicts book I mentioned above.

So here’s a break down of the combined eating styles that I have found work for me sustainably together with my regular exercise at crossfit, and I have another article on the ideal ratio that I use.
Of course, this is just my own experience and may not be relevant for anyone / everyone.

I can pretty much pig out on these foods and still feel amazing afterwards.

  • Salmon
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes
  • Most vegetables

I guess part of the reason for this is that I can eat all I like and my body stops when it’s had enough. With many junk foods, the chemical additives & flavourings trick the brain into thinking it’s not had enough, so I continue eating and eating and eating…

These just make me feel tired / groggy / grumpy:

  • Oil – any kind of deep fried or oily foods, even olive oils (sick in my stomach)
  • Wheaty things like bread / pastas (tired & grumpy)
  • Ice cream or very heavy processed sugar foods (headaches)

I’ve often thought that the ketogenic style of eating (low carb, high fat – where the body burns fat for energy instead of sugars from carbs) might be quite suitable for me because my body really likes high fat foods like avocados, salmon and walnuts. However, I’ve heard that it must be done quite commitedly, otherwise the body doesn’t switch over to burning the fats.

Paleo is quite appealing to me too, (mostly veg + meats, no grains, starchy foods, fruit or dairy) but not being much of a red meat eater, and with my body loving fruit, potatoes and rice, it is quite difficult for me to sustain.

And whole food (aka Whole 30 – eating only whole foods in their original form) is really ideal for me, but I sometimes I get strong cravings for salted meats like parma ham or salami, which I will sometimes choose to order on a platter with cheese for early dinner when I’m out.

Balance. Get it? Hyuck.

The balance I’ve found is a mix of all three –

  • The low carb of paleo + ketogenic, with whole food carbs like potatoes / rice. Avoidance of grains. More fish & egg proteins.
  • The high fat of ketogenic + whole foods – avocados, salmon, nuts etc.
  • The fruit of whole food, but I think this will vary as I work towards replacing more junk foods with fruits. Eventually and I’ll work towards lowering my fruit intake as my body adjusts to the changes, so my body burns the fat of the keto whole foods instead of fruit sugars. Slowwwwly.

Vegetable juices are definitely a secret weapon. I’ll throw carrots, loads of greens and a little fruit into a juicer, mix some of the pulp in and it is surprisingly filling. I think this is one of those fashion model secrets that people are always wanting to know.

And that’s about the gist of how I worked out and weaned onto the eating styles of Paleo + Whole Food + Ketogenic to create a sustainable ‘low carb, high fatty whole foods’ formula that works for me. I don’t always stick to it, and I think that’s ok – but it’s comforting to know that I no longer have to yo-yo diet or struggle with feeling bad about my food habits.

Freedom from food anxiety!!

I hope you found something here interesting or useful, and please do leave any of your own helpful tips or encouraging experiences in the comments below.

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