My Media Metier (AKA My Job In Television, Modelling & Film)

I’ve recently had a few people comment that they know of my love of all things Victorian and historical on instagram, facebook and this blog, but not much about my actual work in the entertainment industry in Asia.

I suppose I haven’t written too much about it since I’ve been on hiatus studying law and immersing myself in real estate this past three years, but now that I’m working on my fitness to return full time to entertainment in 2016, I shall be posting about my work more often in the categories of An Elegant Vocation and My Media Metier.

To cut a long story short, I started doing fashion and commercial modelling in my teens and found success specialising in TV commercials (TVC’s) and beauty work across Asia. I then naturally progressed into onstage and TV hosting with a thoroughly enjoyable stint with some truly fabulous people in radio as a producer and DJ for a top 40 station, 987fm, at Mediacorp in Singapore.

Along the way people started to suggest I do some acting, so I did, and accepted a few select roles that looked interesting.

In the future, I’ll be open to doing all of the above, so lets see what comes my way! I’ll be sure to update on my instagram with pics, and with words here on The Curious Raven.

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  1. AHHH!!! Can I go on official record as being irrationally jealous of the kisses planted on you by Mr. Bublé? I’m working on two different burlesque numbers with his music right now, and I think I should just do a Bublé night. It would be easier than picking one or two songs.

    Ok. I’m done now.

    Lady Grey

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