That’s So Jurassic! Raven Interviews The Stars & Director of Jurassic World


Dinosaurs? Is that a little TOO bygone era for this blog? Well I know that my job is not very Victorian in a conventional sense – I’m not a Downton Abbey costumer and don’t work at Sotheby’s or in a museum – but I do like to think that there is an element of old vintage vogue bourgeois in the fashion and film industries of today. And I must admit that even when my job is not terribly traditional, it makes up for it by being rather brilliant and fun in a modern way. This is one of those examples.

Given the fact that my geekness knows no bounds (I preferred toy dinosaurs to barbies as a child, chose stories of neurosurgery over teen romance, and spent most of my modelling career on sets with my nose in some volume from the Western Canon) it is probably no surprise that one of my favourite movies is the original Jurassic Park.

This is the opposite of how I feel about Jurassic Park.

Therefore, it was an utter fist pumping delight (in a ladylike fashion) to be flown to interview the actors and director of the next movie in the franchise, Jurassic World, for the press junket before the movie release. Not only were the actors an utter delight, but the other interviewers from Singapore’s biggest media company Mediacorp were simply darling, and given my past as a radio producer and DJ at Mediacorp’s top 40 station 987fm, we had a lot of fun chattering about Singapore, fabulous shoes, my extremely curvy underbust corset and other industry things. Hopefully I shall have more stories to tell you of my adventures in Singapore – I do so love it there. But back to the interview…

I’ve just received the footage and hope you enjoy this little interview I conducted with actors Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and director Colin Trevorrow. It was a lot of fun to interview them and I look forward to be able to share more of my entertainment industry adventures in the year ahead.

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