My 1850’s Chantilly Lace Victorian Mourning Shawl

Formerly property of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I purchased this gorgeous 113″ lace mourning shawl to wear as a cape after falling in love with one posted by @travisaddams on instagram (spirit of 1910’s – 1930’s + vintage collector / restoration + set & costume designer) which he photographed paired beautifully with a civil war era dress, and gave to his lucky lady.

Sold to me by the lovely owner of ‘My Linen Shoppe‘ – purveyor of fine linens online, Louis was very easy to deal with and also very gracious about supplying me with more information about how she managed to get this item.

She’s a really lovely lady to buy from – as you could probably guess from her profile bio:

“I am a wife celebrating 55 years of marriage this year with my wonderful husband! I have three great children, nine awesome grandchildren, and seven of the cutest great-grandchildren you have ever seen!”

Adorable, right? And here’s what she told me about how this gloriously antique chic shawl arrived into her hands from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
In her words :

“This particular auctioneer only sells clothes and linens from museums and estates – just three times a year. It is my understanding that the museum sells off duplicate type items, or items they do not wish to store or carry in their museum. Money raised from these sales enables them to purchase additional new items.”

I’m excited to see if I can hand stitch little seams in so that it becomes a kind of cape that I can wear around during the day. I have plans to wear it over all kinds of fun outfits – with shorts in summer, big skirts in autumn, turtlenecks in winter – and am pretty sure I’m going to have to get a backup one for when this one has been hand washed and is drying…

In short, I’m absolutely enamoured with this beautiful shawl / soon-to-be-cape, am thrilled that I decided to purchase it as part of my carroty reward system, and quite sure you’ll be seeing many photos of it on my instagram over the year to come!

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