Shoes! Can You Possibly Have Too Many?

I’m one of these women who has a lot of shoes. And when I say a lot of shoes, I probably don’t have as many as some, but I certainly have far more than I ever wear.

As I was browsing online for gorgeous strappy pumps for my next little goal reward, I started to wonder about my love and lust for shoes. It seems to be a common enough theme for many women. What is it about a gorgeous new pair of shoes that keeps us wanting more?

I find that I have pairs I absolutely love and wear to death, and then my Dearest Beloved has to draw the line and tell me to throw them away because they’re starting to look like cabbage. And I have other shoes that have been worn once or twice, or never worn at all, but I love because they’re just so beautiful.

Is it then the shoe itself that we love? Are they in these modern times when fashion is replacing art perhaps in themselves small pieces of indulgent luxury that we are able to adorn ourselves with? As the queens of history used to do?
Or are they somehow symbols of the women that we want to be – sexier, lighter, bolder, more confident, feminine or colourful? Perhaps a mixture of both…

I find myself buying gorgeous shoes that are not terribly practical to walk in, which at this current weight proves absurd a choice because then they don’t get worn.

Ironically enough, the shoes that have consistently been the best value for wear with the highest level of gorgeous impact are the ones that I would have thought would be the least comfortable – all of my platform Louboutins.
After the first few wears they have really moulded to my foot and are quite surprisingly comfortable now, especially compared to cheaper flamboyant shoes. And because I love a good fashion deal, they can work out to be as much – or less – than other designer brands.
HOW, I hear you ask (in a high pitched squeal a little bit too close to my face as you shake me wildly by the shoulders)?

Well, I buy all of my Louboutins from two places – either the Pedder Warehouse sales where one can find Loubs at 70-90% off (and yes, I share my perfected survive & conquer strategy in my post about it) OR at the Pedder Outlet store at CityGate outlet mall in Tung Chung. I simply call ahead and ask if they currently have many shoes in my size, and if they do then I head on over to have a peek.
There might not be anything right for me, but then again there might be, and that’s when the joy joy happy time occurs.

While this is a cost effective way to buy luxury shoes, the down size (apart from the temptation to go completely AWOL on our budget – which I also cover in my post on the Pedder Sales, as well as my post on Women & Finance (AKA I Shop Too Much And Am Bad At Budgeting. EEK!)) is that when Louboutins do eventually die it is utterly heartbreaking. I feel like I want to bury them in a box in the backyard and plant a little tree over them. But since I don’t have a backyard, that’s not really an option.

However, when that does occur it’s usually after a long journey of friendship, rather than the two-wears-then-in-the-garbage experience of many cheaper heels.
It deftly proves the point that quality is better than quantity when it comes to shoes.

But having said that, if you are a compulsive collector of quality high heels who wears them all often and stays within budget then what can I say?
Bravo, my dear. I applaud you.

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