Cuteness Overload : Dwarf / Angora Rabbits Lord Pemberly III and Lady / The Earl of Tillington

Lord Pemberly III

Lord Pemberly III is a fluffy white dwarf angora rabbit who is a ridiculous snob. He has been snobbing around for a good number of years now, refusing to be picked up and cantakerously throwing his dinner plate around to demand more fresh vegetables.

When he’s not snobbing around, he’s basking in luxurious splendour under the dining room table, which he has turned into a palatial warren for himself under the chair covers. On warm summer days, he reclines in comfort and enjoys staring at the wall.

As Pembers has gradually aged like a grumpy wine, we’ve decided that it might be best for us to adopt a companion bunny for his final years. (Anna Nicole Smith?) Therefore the process has been started to adopt a young rabbit from the Hong Kong Rabbit Society, which re-homes abandoned rabbits in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Rabbit Society – I made this gif. These are some of the actual rabbits there for adoption

Adopting a rabbit usually takes one month, and adoption is free of charge upon approval. However, for that approval you’ll need to do two days (1-2hrs) volunteer work there to learn how to feed and clean your rabbits cage and there is a nominal membership fee of HKD$20 (approx US$2.60).

They will turn you down if they think you’ll be an irresponsible owner who may end up abandoning the rabbit again. I really like this aspect of the HK Rabbit Society.
These cute little guys have all been abandoned once already. Some of them are only three months old.

All rabbits are all screened, desexed and treated for any ailments by the society.
There are so many young abandoned bunnies at the clean and friendly shelter, and more come in almost weekly. We’re looking for a young dwarf rabbit with short, a sweet personality and preferably female since rabbits naturally live in male-female couplings.

We’re hoping that the company of another sweet bunny will gradually soften the pompous edges of Sir Snob-a-Lot (think UP / Despicable Me) who is very gentle but truly and utterly the most absurd snob.

Once I reach my six month fitness goal and get my sewing machine I shall sew him a tuxedo, smoking and waistcoat to better epitomise the ridiculousness of his character.

Tilly shall have some fabulous little Regency/Victorian inspired dresses too, so I’ve had a little brainstorm (I woke up at 4am with this idea brewing) and decided to create a little website to showcase some of the silly little outfits I make for them at

Of course I had to continue with my RegencyGirl theme, as I thought it was fitting for the style of costume I’ll be creating for his Lord and Ladyship.
Hopefully you’ll like some of the silly little pictures of them in their summer outfits. But one thing at a time – first to welcome Lord or Lady Tillington, then to hit my 20 pound fat loss goal, then to get a sewing machine and start making some haute lapin attire!

Stay tuned for more fun foolishness in rabbit fashion and other cuteness over the months ahead…

Pamper my head, human!

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