P is for Pin UP

The picturesque perfection of pin up brings a ready stereotype to mind – early Marilyn Monroe, the 1950’s, Bettie Page, cheeky pinup illustrations and retrophilia.

While the ideal of pinup is mostly a constructed creation, there are many lovely ideals that women today still admire. The perfect coiffe, tiny waists and shapely curves of these women are able to be replicated with pincurls, corsets and confidence.

A sunny smile is often seen on posters of pinup girls, and that’s something that any woman can replicate at any time; often considered the easiest way to improve an outfit. Hair frizzy? Not happy with your choice of dress? Throw on a confident smile and it will no longer matter – people will notice your sparkle instead of the frizz.

And on that topic – if you’re looking to perfect your pincurls, I have posts on vintage pincurl setting patterns and my own ongoing pincurling experiences.

As for the rest of the delightful look that is pin up – I shall be writing more about the elements of rebellious rockabilly, elegant 1950’s vintage Vogue and silver screen fashion, and some of the elements of sensuality and elegance that combine to deliver the most darling and unique modern pinup presence possible. (Dita von Teese, anyone?)  And if you want a little more history, check out my post on How 1950’s Vogue, Pinup Style & Gibson Girls Shape Our Fashion Today.
Lets have some fun exploring the options, shall we?


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