Summer Corset Giveaway on Lucy Corsetry!


Watch out for our summer corset giveaway with Lucy’s Corsetry on Youtube.
The corset is on its way to Lucy as you read this, and if you check on youtube it may be available now!

(Red corset images here)

While a plain black underbust would probably be the most practical giveaway, I decided to commit more time to this first project and create an eye-catching cherry red underbust with a gradient of deep red crystals drizzled down the front of the busk.

If people like the concept of the embellished giveaway then I shall continue that theme for future giveaways. We shall have to see how it goes!

Recently I’m loving the idea of black corsets with subtle jet black crystals, so that could be quite popular for one of my next giveaway corsets, since it’s dazzling but low key at the same time, and able to be worn most days without being too attention seeking.

I know that corsets are eye-catching already, and many corseters don’t wish to draw extra attention to themselves with additional dazzle. This is why so many of us often wear our corsets stealth, or own at least one simple corset like the black / brocade RAVEN Basic Underbust that can go with any outfit.

However, those of us who have corset collections often own a few black underbusts already and look to expand and explore other colours / styles. That’s a large part of the reason why I design some fairly brightly coloured corsets.
The canary yellow AYUMI corset gets a lot of comments, and was the first corset I designed. I think I shall have to make one for myself… perhaps with black busk lacing… but will that make me look like a banana? Hmmm… To be explored

Personally I’m a curvy overbust lover myself, and will likely be crystalling my black satin RAVEN Basic Overbust after I finish this LUCY Red Cherry Underbust and my MEDIANOCHE Paradise Blue Underbust for Dita von Teese’s lovely burlesque troupe member.

Then I was thinking of creating a fun plum coloured underbust with matching pink toned crystals, but I suppose I should make a few more sales before I dive in to creating more showgirl style items. I just can’t help it though – I love to create these crystalled corsets!! The breathtaking rainbow colours of the swarovski crystals are just too inspiring to resist.

Perhaps I should create a rainbow collection inspired by Asia’s Next Top Model…. fabulous and sparkling and oh so couture darling! But that’s a thought for another day…

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