Six Ways To Quickly Salvage An Outfit Disaster

When my outfit goes wrong, as it often will, I feel a little like this…

So recently I’ve come up with some shortcuts to surviving fashion disaster days.
Everything can suddenly seem to be on top of me when it happens, so if I’m at risk of running late and feeling anxious, here are my go-to tricks for salvaging the situation and looking stylish.

1. Get your pony on!
When feeling a bit flustered, I find a sleek ponytail is my first step to salvation. Then my hair is done, chic and out of the way. Plus, a neat updo always looks fabulous.

2. Bright lip colour 
This makes a big difference to any outfit. Brightly coloured glosses that I can touch up anytime and apply to my cheeks and eyelids if necessary really saves time / thought on my makeup, and adds an effortlessly vibrant look to my outfit.

3. Fave bag
I grab whatever smallish  bag I’m comfortably familiar with that looks great and can hold whatever bits and pieces I need for the outing. Now I’m halfway there, already less stressed, and just need to choose my outfit and accessories.

4. Outfit time
Simple and sleek is best (and will look fabulous with the ponytail).
I quickly pick a colour theme like black / white / red etc. Then I choose a favourite comfy item, like high waisted black trousers or pencil skirt and pair it with a fave blouse in my chosen colour theme. And I’m almost done!

Raven Tao B&W high waisted

5. Comfiest high heels.
These are a must, since I’m already feeling a bit strained and don’t want my shoes to add to the situation. If I’m really hot and bothered I’ll choose my strappy wedges or flats. But if heels are a must then I choose my fave Singapore pumps, which are rubber soled and great for walking.

6. Accessorise!
Basic rings and earrings are fine, but now that I’m feeling more confident in my finished outfit I’m likely to throw on some fabulous dangly diamond earrings or a cocktail hat and gloves that match my colour theme. Et voila!

Hope that’s helpful to you the next time you’re feeling a little pressed for time when getting ready to go out. Now I’d better go and get ready myself!

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