This is an area which is very close to my heart. As an enthusiastic homebody, I simply ADORE all things house and home. Especially if there’s anything Victorian about them. Understandably this is a slightly awkward fit with the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, where neutral cookie cutter apartments are more common than houses and living on the 30th/40th/50th floor is not so unusual.

Perhaps it is the lack of Victorian and Georgian architecture and design in this city that has caused my senses to scream for it – and is why my eyes are always turned upwards when I return with my Dearest Beloved home to the picture-perfect streets of Kensington in London.

As is standard in this high rental city of Hong Kong, the apartment was a boring slate of white walls and neutral floors when I arrived. Of course that wasn’t going to last – and two years later I’m quite happy with my little amendments – a couple of splashes of colour on the walls, some antique sconces and candlesticks and a few pretty display items here and there.

Still though, we plan to spend our lives between Hong Kong and the UK, so that we can enjoy the best of both worlds of electric business lifestyle and culturally rich countyside living.

So here is where I shall be chronicling, exploring and adoring all things house and home, beautiful interiors, lavish gardens, covetable houses and extravagant palaces and castles. Join me on my adventures in pursuit of beauty!

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Fabulously eccentric TV host, curvaceous model and founder of Hong Kong ’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic. I love sharing my passion for all things elegant and live with my Dearest Beloved and a fluffy Angora rabbit named Lord Pemberly III, who is a ridiculous snob. Find me on IG @RavenTao or FB : Raven Tao  

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