Hats are a love of mine at the moment, because I think they add an element of glamour, elegance and charm to any outfit, especially when paired with lovely pin-curls and gloves.

Beautiful hats add a classic grace and refinement to an outfit, and require poise to wear – otherwise they will fall from the head. Of course nowadays we can use bobby pins to hold hats in place, which works best with an updo or half updo, but in bygone eras, ornate hat pins with pretty ends were used, which can still be found on ebay and other vintage sites.

I recall reading somewhere that the worlds largest ruby was found on the end of a hat pin, in an estate sale. The owners thought it was a garnet (fake ruby) of course but the jeweller who purchased it took a second look and realised it was in fact a most marvellous discovery. Not sure if the story is fact, but if it was, good for him!

I have written a lovely post on hats and hope that you find some of the rules of hat etiquette useful for your hat loving adventures.

Personally I prefer hats that are classic, perch or cocktail style – the type one would be comfortable wearing to church – rather than floppy, outlandish or very bohemian hats, but that is simply my personal taste and different hats suit different people and styles.

The great thing about hats is that they’re available in such a wide variety of styles that we are able to choose whatever suits us best. It’s helpful to have an inkling of our own personal style before investing in a large number of hats. Because I find that demure vintage vogue style hats and classic hats suit my simple streamlined outfits best, I buy most of my cocktail hats on ebay by searching ‘vintage ladies hat lot’. That way I get multiple hats for great value. I love it!

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