Etiquette, grace, elegance and how to be a lady – these are all elements of a graceful modern woman’s life that must be learned, whether in childhood or as an adult.

As I mention in my post on being a lady – becoming a true lady is a lifelong journey that offers many rewards, and will benefit the person and all that surround them as well.
For there is much respect to be found in society for any woman who is ladylike – graceful, polite and elegant, especially in these increasingly modern times of bad spelling, fast fashion and abundant temptations.

Nobody is perfect, but we can each try out best to be a little bit better than we were yesterday. This compounds into the art of being a lady.
It takes time but I guarantee it works out to be worth every minute.

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Fabulously eccentric TV host, curvaceous model and founder of Hong Kong ’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic. I love sharing my passion for all things elegantly old world and live with my Dearest Beloved and a fluffy Angora rabbit named Lord Pemberly III, who is a ridiculous snob.
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