Daily dress is my own personal exploration on the art of dressing elegantly and stylishy, while also experimenting with elements of Victorian and Georgian fashion.

I live in the bustling metropolitan city of Hong Kong – the New York of Asia- where East meets West and everything is about business, so as you can imagine it’s a fine line I’m aiming to perfect my fashion trapeze act upon.

In this time of fast fashion and youthfully rougish attire, style is increasingly coveted, and I hope to explore some options that lay well within the realm of elegance while still dancing gleefully along the border of graceful dramatic costuming for daily life.

As you can image my wardrobe is a little haven of joy, and is also my workshop for my corset creations for Pearls & Arsenic.
Because of my weight fluctuations and modelling work as one of the curviest commercial models in Asia, (which I am starting to reveal in the category Curves Like These), I have a wide variety of items – many of which I should probably donate to charity to avoid fashion disasters – but there will be many items that survive the cull and I’m sure that most of them will be elegant style staples, and some wonderfully dramatic items like house gowns, vintage kimonos, bustles and corsets.

Hopefully I shall have the restraint to stay within the realm of style and elegance and make progress on my journey of being a lovely lady. Sometimes we just have to say NO to frills, glitter and neons, even if they may seem appealing at the time.

However, I’m quite sure my explorations will become increasingly extravagant as times goes on, with elements of burlesque, pin up, hats, gloves and history, and I must admit will all likely end with me a fabulous white haired old lady in a luxurious full length cape made entirely of peacock tail feathers. Or something like that.

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Fabulously eccentric TV host, curvaceous model and founder of Hong Kong ’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic. I love sharing my passion for all things elegantly old world and live with my Dearest Beloved and a fluffy Angora rabbit named Lord Pemberly III, who is a ridiculous snob.
Find me on IG@TheRavenTao or FB : Raven Tao  

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