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After over a decade in the modelling industry, a few years hiatus in which my agents clamoured for me to get back into the game, thirty pounds of weight gain, sugar addiction struggles, weight fluctuations, corseting adventures and finally finding the path back to smooth waters, I have been encouraged to share my experiences with the world.

I’m sure there are models out there who are better writers than me (Elyse Sewell, anyone?) and I know there are definitely models out there who have worked more internationally than me, are skinnier, more sociable, love to party more (not difficult, since I’m usually asleep by 9pm) and just generally more supermodelly in many ways.

But one thing I’m fairly sure about is that there are very few models who are as curvy as me who have had the same amount of success in the commercial modelling industry of Hong Kong and Asia.

What you may or may not know is that while many models may photograph quite curvaceously they are in fact quite slim – often almost skinny with A or B cup bra size. The fact that the modelling industry is quite open with its measurements is the reason why I’m well aware that my measurements have always been bigger than other models at castings. Usually a full size bigger, in fact. And yet I still get jobs.

What’s interesting about it is the fact that I’m not terribly curvy when compared to the American market, weighing in at a rather feeble UK size 12 (US10) and size 10 (US8) when I’m slim.
But for Asia, this is considered curvy, because of the petite size – body and height – of many people here.
Therefore, I’ve been one of the lone fillers of a gap in the market for curves, and I’ve created this category because I think it’s about time I shared them with the world. I’ll be back at work full time next year, and will have much more to write about then, but for now it’s mostly hindsight and musings.
Onwards! To more stories about my experiences modelling in Asia with curves like these…

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  1. I suppose I’m seeing you with “American” eyes, but you are lovely! I don’t think you’re just filling a gap… I think you’re redefining beauty in your way and causing people to see with new eyes. Thank you for sharing.

    Lady Grey

  2. In my honest opinion, the fashion world is over-rated…
    It is ‘man’ made; created by a elite few to ‘how’ a woman should look (& feel) using mass media as a tool….

    Beauty IS really in the eye of the beholder.
    Beauty (mentally, physically, spiritually) comes from within.
    Confidence is sexy… whether you look like Nigella Lawson, Monica Bellucci or Denise Keller. As long as the person is comfortable & love with oneself (not easy with all the media of course), then the beauty will radiate & that is very attractive.

    Keep fit because ‘you’ want to… not cos the media wants you too.
    I might be a bit off topic here… but yeah.

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