Corsets are a love of mine – there’s something about the snug hug of fabric on my skin that I’ve loved since I was a teen.

Only in more recent years have I taken the step of actively waist training, chronicling my three months of tightlacing here, and developing my corset collection from a range of international corsetieres, which subsequently led to my creation of Hong Kong’s first corset brand – Pearls & Arsenic.

My love of corsets has opened up my world in exploration of fashion by making me consider new silhouettes, the rules of elegance, applying Victorian themes to daily dress and how to troubleshoot common corset issues – like my ‘corset = loose trouser waist’ solution.

I have here a gallery of the worlds most beautiful corsets, a section on sensuality and the world of burlesque, and articles on things we can learn from corset wearing icons like Dita von Teese, as well as mentions of my favourite corseters and corset reviewers like Lucy’s Corsetry.

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