Fashion Tragedy, That’s Me.

Sometimes, I get fashion right. Sometimes I get fashion wrong. And when it’s wrong, it’s SO wrong, given my love of introducing Victorian and Georgian elements like gloves, corsets, hats, riding jackets, chatelaine chains, full skirts and bustles into my outfits. Throw in my innate goofiness and it can all be a bit of a tragedy.

Do I know when things look right, and when they don’t?
I have to admit that I do have an inkling. On the days I prepare well, I tend to dress both comfortably and appropriately, and am usually happy with my outfit. On the days I dress in a hurry or decide to change my outfit at the last minute, things don’t go as well.

If I prepare properly by thinking about dressing appropriately yet fashionably for the day, I’m usually happy. For me, hair makes one of the biggest impacts on a look, so when I’ve set my hair in pincurls the night before, it really helps to glam up any outfit. I’m still working on my pincurling but will hopefully have it down to more of a science in the months ahead, and will be sure to update on my findings of what works for my long fine hair in humid Asian climates.

I’ve found that simplicity is key to the most fabulous outfits. More is not always better, and one dazzling item combined with simple complementing items really works for me. A glittery gold blouse with a black pencil skirt and heels would be an example of this, or a simple stretch pencil dress with a vintage kimono. And of course, any white blouse with black pencil skirt and pearls / heels / cocktail hat is just divine.

And now onto the topic of when it all goes wrong…
As I am considering writing about in my chronicles on what it’s like being a curvier model in Asia, most of my recent wardrobe dilemmas come from having gained weight and not fitting certain items of clothing that would match so wonderfully with other items. I must admit, while I’ve always been curvier than the models who work in Asia – who are often very petite due to industry sample sizes here being smaller, I am not very comfortable at my current size, which I can feel is quite unnatural for my body. The extra weight makes my shoes much harder to wear for long periods, and I do love wearing nice high heels with an outfit because I fine it creates a beautiful silhouette.

This is probably where I mostly go wrong with my last minute outfits – feeling like items are ill fitting or that my shoes have become uncomfortable over the evening.
What I’ll end up doing as I get back to exercising and eating better is donating all the items that don’t fit well, because as nice as they may be, I’ll never feel incredible when I wear them, and that will show. And I think it’s important for us to wear items that we feel happy with ourselves in, because we deserve it!

There’s no real conclusion to these rambling thoughts on my ongoing adventures in fashion tragedyville.
All I know is that the times I decide to go with what’s simple, sleek and stylish, I feel right. And really I think I should throw out / donate all the clothes that don’t fit into at least one of those three categories because really, what am I going to do with them otherwise?
Have a bunch more fashion tragedies, that’s what.

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