5 Success Tricks I’ve Learned From Dita von Teese

When I think of Dita von Teese, images come to mind of picture perfect 50’s hairstyles, raven black tresses, porcelain skin and glittering sky high heels.
Her image is perfection; a well crafted compliation of seductive ideals and dreamy fantasies. More than just a visual delicacy, Dita von Teese has turned herself into a global brand, and here are 5 success tricks we can learn from her journey.

I don’t know when Dita exactly discovered her love for all things pinup and burlesque. Personally I can understand the appeal, since I’m a fan of burlesque myself, but she took that spark of passion and decided to work with it until it became a diamond that dazzled like fire. I’m sure there were plenty of people who thought it was ridiculous, odd, or just a phase. But she didn’t stop and kept on doing what she loved, regardless of outside opinions. And now she’s still doing it today. She followed her passion, not the voices of others, and is reaping the rewards. We can do the same.

Dita’s art is about the details – the flick of an eyelash or the sly roll of a shoulder; the extra roll of the hip as she walks and the curve of an ankle and wrist as she gracefully steps and removes her glove. The crystals of her corsets must be perfection, and the details of her image always intact. Flyaway hairs are never seen on Dita, nor messy behind the scenes shots. She controls her image so that her brand is always seamless, and is prepared for windy days or sunny afternoons with hair scarves or big sunglasses. Making sure we’re always prepared, and putting our best foot forward in any situation is the type of attention to detail that leads to success.

Commit. Dita sticks to her personal style every day, and makes choices that are true to it. She dresses like a modern 50’s pinup from head to toe, and buys modern fashion pieces like fitted tees that can also compliment her swing skirts or capri trousers. Whether she’s going out on the town or heading to pilates, she’s wearing some item that shows she’s committed to her style. And you have to admit, it really works. So when in doubt, go all in.

Dita’s consistent branding has opened up a world of opportunities for her – from making her a household name in recent years, to offering lingerie, perfume and advertising opportunities. She stayed true to her image when it wasn’t fashionable, and by the time the world finally sat up and started to notice she had already perfected her art and was able to WOW on a global scale. That’s the power of consistency. Start today, continue tomorrow, and keep going.

Dita doesn’t have to get her corsets crafted by the worlds most expensive corsetier, Mr. Pearl, or wear Christian Louboutin heels. She doesn’t have to style or dye her hair by herself, or apply her makeup on her own. But she does. She knows that the level of detail she can commit to when controlling her own look is far more precise than when someone else is doing it. And so she dyes her own blonde hair black, finely brushes black dye onto her eyebrows, sets her own pincurls and does her own makeup whenever possible. Dita knows that the art of being able to do the little things incredibly well is part of the key to success. Because at the end of the day, Dita will never ever have to worry about having to rely on other people to maintain her image, and her control of the small but vitally important things gives her an unshakeable independence that will last her entire career.

And those are just five of the reasons why we love Dita!

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