Burlesque, baby!

I am a fan of the art of burlesque. Whether it be elaborately crystalling my corsets, recollecting fond memories of attending The Hurly Burly Show in London or mounting a 54″ peacock and ostrich feather fan on my wall, I like to have a little burlesque in my daily life somehow.

There’s something wonderfully confident about burlesque – about the fact that the performers must acknowledge their attributes and make the very most of them, and then learn the precise skills of the art of captivating an audience.

Recently I met one of Dita von Teese’s burlesque troupe performers – Medianoche – at the W Hong Kong Rock The Empire event, and her aquamarine eyes inspired me to create the crystalled paradise blue Medianoche underbust corset, which I shall be sending over to her soon.

Women like these inspire me to create my corsets. Confident, clever, industrial women who create and craft their art forms to perfection – whether their medium be in the arts, business, or entrepreneurialism.
The fact that women like this exist is such a beautiful blessing and I adore meeting and knowing them.

Burlesque and performance art is something I’ll always support, although outside of the area of singing classical music I may have to admire from the audience since I look like a (fabulous) newt having a fit when I get my boogie on. I suppose this makes me even more of an admirer of those who can grace us with the beauty of dance. 

Seeing Dita von Teese perform at the Agent Provocateur launch in Hong Kong was a striking memory for me – and I have always remembered and admired the skill with which she transported every person in the room into a hypnotically seductive realm of smokey shadows and glittering crystals.

I strongly recommend that women go and see at least one burlesque show in their lives – because it’s a striking reminder of the fact that we can choose to be what we admire in other women, anytime, just by gracefully acknowledging and accepting what we are and what we are not.

There is beauty, grace, glamour and sensuality in all of us.
Sometimes we just need a little dose of fabulousness and sparkle to be reminded of it.

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There’s so much we can learn from Dita.

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