Pearls & Arsenic – Hong Kong’s First Luxury Corset Brand

Hong Kong’s first luxury corset brand has arrived!
Pearls & Arsenic corsetry can be found in Sally Coco (Intimate Lifestyle Store) in Central HK by the mid levels escalator.
(Near Stanley Street).

There will be select sizes of waist training corsets (mostly in black) available to order at

However, most new and ornate items will be stocked in Sally Coco.

It’s meeee! Launching Pearls & Arsenic

I created this brand for us all because I noticed a lack of curvy off the rack (OTR) corsets with crystals/lace for OTR prices.
Crystalled / lace corsetry seemed to leap into the realm of beautifully complex couture, but what if we just wanted to start with a basic beginner corset with a bit of bling at OTR prices?

While OTR corsets can start in the ranges of USD 40-100, custom corsetry with minor lace or crystalling seemed to start around USD 500-600, and that’s for underbusts!
I wondered where the crystalled or lace USD 200 corsets were?
So I decided to create some.

Custom corsetry can be USD1,000++

Like so many corset makers, my brand is a passion and a hobby rather than a big business.
Unlike many corset makers who are fully expert seamstresses and corsetieres who can masterfully manipulate the number of boing channels and curve and arch of their corsets, I am a corset designer which means that I design the corset base and have it made in a factory before hand placing all of the crystals or metal studs myself.

This gives me a lot of creative freedom and allows me to maintain lower prices while using the most highly faceted sparkling Swarovski crystals for every crystalled corset. It also means that every hand-furnished corset is utterly unique.

While this has its upsides, it does mean that I can only create as many corsets as I have time for, making them rather exclusive. However I do have such a passion for them that I love to sponsor giveaways with corset reviewer Lucy’s Corsetry on Youtube so that more people around the world might have access to these fabulous crystalled creations even if they don’t have the budget to buy one themselves. (See Lucy unboxing of one of my corsets below)

I hope that’s offered a little insight into my brand, which you’ll see on the opening credits of the 2016 season of Asia’s Next Top Model and hopefully much more in the years to come. If you need me, I’ll be here crystalling!
Any questions please pop a note in the comments below or send a message via the website. Thanks for visiting!

  • Pearls & Arsenic corsetry can be tried on in person at :
    Sally Coco – 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong. (12pm – 8pm)
    Entrance by the mid levels escalator – near Circle K by Stanley Street. 
    (Accepts Cash, EPS, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay.)

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