Gloves, gloves, gloves! (and Glove Etiquette)


I’ve realised that gloves complete the look of any elegant outfit, and have grown my collection to include a variety of white cotton gloves for daywear. My black and richly coloured gloves get far more wear than my white ones, so am going to have to work on my white ensembles for the summer.

For that, I have the idea to design a Pearls & Arsenic peach-nude work overbust corset for wearing discreetly stealth in summer and for work, which would be perfect for wearing under all-white outfits.

But before that happens I thought I’d include this information on glove etiquette, and have complied the following information (with some help from Charm of the Carolines), on the Do’s and Don’ts of wearing gloves in our modern age. 

I recall reading that the general rule is the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove. I have to admit that this looks extremely glamorous and personally look forward to a sleeveless or short sleeved summer with gloves!


  • Do wear gloves when you go shopping, visiting, driving; and for outdoor festivities such as garden parties and receptions.
  • Do wear gloves for formal indoor occasions: receptions, balls, and on arrival at a luncheon or dinner party.
  • Do keep gloves on in a receiving line.
  • Do keep gloves on while dancing at a formal party.
  • Do keep gloves on at a cocktail party until the drinks and hors d’oeurves are passed. Then turn gloves back at the wrist or remove one glove.
  • Do remove gloves entirely at the dining table, by taking them off discreetly once you’re in your seat.
  • Do remove gloves after your arrival at an informal party or luncheon, leaving them with your coat.
  • Do wear gloves to be respectful in places of worship.
  • Do follow the following style guidelines :
    – Cotton or nylon shorties, from bright polka dot prints for the races to embroidered or lace-trimmed fashions for summer parties.
    – Black kid for city sightseeing and theater in metropolitan settings.
    – String gloves for casual activities in the country or at the beach.
    – Leather gloves for the winter. Fitted leather gloves are at their most elegant when they are made of glacé kidskin and smartest when they are in a neutral shade and a classic style.
    – Style wise, gloves should be devoid of trimming and, of course, it is good day glove etiquette for them to be worn only on the street and never indoors.



  • Don’t eat, drink or smoke with gloves on.
  • Don’t play cards with gloves on
  • Don’t apply makeup with gloves on.
  • Don’t wear jewelry over gloves, with the exception of bracelets.
  • Don’t make a habit of carrying your gloves—they should be considered an integral part of your outfit.
  • Don’t wear short gloves to a very gala ball, court presentation or “White Tie” affair at the White House or in honor of a celebrity.And I’m going to have to add something here…
  • Personally I’ve decided that gloves are best worn with closed toe shoes, and no gloves if the shoes are open toed. I just feel it looks better that way.

I hope that was useful and would like to expand this article or write more on gloves and their traditional meanings and etiquettes – I do love the completion and elegance that they give any outfit and think they’re an item that makes a much bigger impact than their size dictates.

Stay tuned on my Instagram for more explorations in these and other areas. I’m excited to explore summer fashions this year and am truly thrilled to be launching Hong Kong’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic, in the months ahead. It’s about time we had our own quality corset brand here in Hong Kong! I’ll be sure to keep you updated right here on

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  1. Raven, where do you buy your gloves? I’ve searched for them online and am always disappointed at the lack of selection in colors, fabrics, etc. I have resorted to looking for vintage ones on Etsy, but again, these have already been worn for years (typically), and I’d love to have some lovely new ones of my own!

    Lady Grey

    1. Hello my dear Lady Grey, I have found that I’ve had a lot of luck searching ‘vintage gloves lot’ or ‘polyester vintage gloves lot’ on ebay. I’ll often leave the size open and have a scroll for the best options. It can take a while but I often find a few goodies in there! 🙂

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