Meschantes Overbusts Unboxing

Today my two patterned Meschantes overbusts arrived, and they’re simply beautiful. I ordered colours Navy green peacock brocade #156 and Golden green medallion brocade #191.

My second Meschantes experience was a good one, now that I know what to expect when ordering from them. You can read about my first Meschantes experience to see what to expect if you’re going to order from them! 

I ordered through Etsy before Xmas in order to have the buyer protection. It took about two months to make both corsets in my requested patterns and mail it from the US to Asia.

It was worth the wait, with both fabrics absolutely stunning in person, though the peacock blue has a muted teal radiance one would expect from actual peacock feathers and it’s more blue in person that the photographs show.

They’re both closed busk corsets, which I am now comfortable wearing since I’ve seasoned my Meschantes bridal overbust and wear it stealth regularly. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend closed busk corsets for beginners or people who don’t have flexible shoulders, as they can be quite a squeeze to get in and out of.
Opening front busks are something I strongly recommend for beginners, and I think that all of my corset designs for Hong Kong’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic, will have open front busks for this reason.

The curve of Meschantes corsets is such a delight, and I can recommend them for those who can comfortably fit their off-the-rack sizes. The waist sits around the bottom of my floating rib, and I’ve an average length torso and am comfortable with slightly high corset waists. Normal to short torsos would likely find these off the rack sizes suitable, but those with long torsos may find the waist a little too high on them?

I’m very happy with these, and look forward to seasoning them and posting more photos on Instagram soon, though I expect I’ll be wearing them stealth for a while yet.




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