Stealth Corseting – What To Know, What To Wear

I’ve been asked about stealth corseting – that is, wearing a corset invisibly under clothing instead of visibly externally. Some people like the idea of the flexibility and price tag of an underbust corset, and many people are nervous about finding the right overbust for their body. I’ve explored both overbusts and underbusts, in longline and cincher and other styles, and here is what I’ve discovered works best for me. 

Personally I find that wearing an overbust corset is the easiest to stealth with, since I like the smooth lines it gives from the bust to the hips. With my lacing proportions I find that under busts and off the rack cinchers give rather a ‘muffin top’ so I’m starting to move towards mostly wearing overbusts. The exception to this is my Totally Waisted taffeta, swarovski and lace custom made birthday underbust, which has a high upper back and low hips as an over bust would have. (It’s absolutely gorgeous!)

Belts are a stealthing girls best friend, as are sturdier fabrics that won’t show the outline of the corset.

As I mention in my post on the common question: “Can you breathe?
I feel that people mostly notice the silhouette when I’m wearing the corset stealth, and notice the actual corset when I’m wearing it externally.
I rarely get asked ‘Can you breathe’ when I’m wearing my corset stealth, and that’s what I tend to do now.

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