Corsets With Raven : Can You Breathe? 

The single most common question I get asked when I’m wearing a corset is “Can you breathe?” People really do ask me quite genuinely, most often when I’m wearing my corset outside of my clothing (not stealth).

There are plenty of ways to answer this question – including suddenly making an alarmed face and pretending to have a little panic about not getting oxygen, but the fastest and easiest response I’ve found is, “I guess we’ll find out!”

I do understand why people ask though – my corset curve can look quite eye catching after my 3 Month Corset Curves Experiment, now that my measurements are around 36″-26″-36″, and many people are curious about whether the garment restricts my physical abilities.

When I started on my 3 Month Corset Curves Experiment, all of these questions lay ahead of me, and in that short time I have answered many of them.
I found that I was able to sing opera just as well with my corset on, and must admit that I was rather surprised to find that it didn’t restrict my singing – or breathing – at all. Perhaps this is because I’m a novice singer, or because I don’t lace my corsets to deliberately restrict my ribs, but this is just my own personal experience so I can’t speak for everyone. However, I suppose this may possibly be due to the theory that the pinched waist of a corset mostly restricts the lower digestive organs which are around the waist, and not the lungs which are mostly housed within the ribcage.

While I did find I was able to eat what I wanted, I just felt full sooner, and sometimes eating oily food would make me a little uncomfortable, so I simply reduced my oil intake. I still go for meals and eat a bucket of popcorn while watching movies and I can quite comfortably laze around in my corset if I like – it does have give to it because it’s fully seasoned, so it wraps around my soft bits and lets my other bits move as they want. When I’m wearing my corset stealth, I rarely get any comments unless I’m wearing a fitted top which shows the silhouette – then people will usually comment on my physique, and then give compliments, then ask how they can get a corset.

In summary, I feel that people mostly notice the silhouette when I’m wearing the corset stealth, and notice the actual corset when I’m wearing it externally.
I rarely get asked ‘Can you breathe’ when I’m wearing my corset stealth, and that’s what I tend to do now.

There’s a fun article, ‘Everything You Know About Corsets Is False‘ which is worth a read, and also this interesting one on how corsets affect the organs, with an MRI and medical explanation of the organ displacement and effects.

I’ll mention this and other corset related topics on my next youtube installment of Corsets With Raven. See you there!

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