THE RESULTS REVIEW : 3 Months of Tightlacing

We made it! And what fun it was. Corseting has been such a great experience and I’m very glad I embarked upon this three month journey. It’s brought me closer to my personal goals of getting back to my natural weight after my law studies weight gain, and revived the love of corsets that I’ve had since I was a teen. So much has my love been revived that I shall continue to wear my corsets regularly, and have founded my own spiral steel boned corset brand – the first in my home town of Hong Kong.
I’m sure you’ll love the new collections of Pearls & Arsenic corsetry that I’ve created, since through my corseting adventures I noticed a price gap between normal OTR corsets and anything with lace or crystals. So I wanted to create accessibly priced crystalled OTR corsets to fill the sparkling gap in the market. It’s going well!

Here are the results of my three month adventure :

Waist goals start – finish : ~29″ – 24″
Waist results startfinish : 28.7″ –> 24″ (loss 4.7″)
Thigh results start – finish : 24″ –> 20.9″ (loss 3.1″)

Waist size comparision (Tightest lacing possible):

Start of month 1 : 28.7″
End of month 1 : 26.2″
End of month 2 : 26.3″
End of month 3 : 24″
REDUCTION : 2.3″ (Month 2-3)

Thigh measurement (weight loss):
Start of month 1 : 24″
End of month 1 : 22.9″
End of month 2 : 22.2″
End of month 3 : 20.9
REDUCTION : 1.3″ (Month 2-3)

More details on food & exercise are in Month 3 of my 3 Months of Tightlacing experiment. Due to my continued weight loss, I cannot yet see whether I have more curve on my waist due to wearing a corset after exercise. However with this current gradual rate of progress I’m quite sure that I shall be returned to working weight and be lacing to 22″ within this year. Stay tuned to find out more about that, and you can add me on instagram #theraventao for more regular corseting images and updates.

What was also interesting to note is the information I was given about measuring. Waist size is apparently most accurately taken by measuring the BACK GAP – so if you can close a 22″ corset, your waist is at 22″. This is because the fabric and busks can contribute to the external measurement.
Therefore, noting that I’m now able to almost close the bottom of this Mystic City under bust, I must be smaller than this final measurement of 24″. This is something we shall explore further in future as my waist continues to shrink to 22″.

Just a side note : For anyone who worries about this kind of reduction in this timeframe, feel free to read through my intro to this experiment (and the disclaimer at the bottom) and remember the fact that I was originally 25-26″ natural uncorseted waist two years ago. (So aiming for 24″ is not very much of a stretch for my natural proportions.)
Therefore this weight loss / reduction has occurred more from by body returning to its natural weight than from any unnatural loss. As I’ve experienced and mentioned in the intro, the weight gain was the more unnatural process for my body.

Want to see the rest of my journey? Have a read through the initial idea and Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3 of my 3 Months of Tightlacing.

Disclaimer : This idea and experiment is for my own interest only and I do not condone or endorse it for anyone else to consider or try. For anyone who feels concern for my health or wellbeing please be assured that my fitness and health is my priority. I would be undergoing this fitness and health regime regardless of this corset experiment and therefore any potential negative or restrictive effects of corseting would be taken up with my doctor immediately. Any results from this or any other activities are the results exclusive to my body only and do not represent results that may be experienced by anyone else. 

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