Gallery Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Corsets

When I first laid eyes on each of these beautiful works of art, I was either overcome by a breathless moment of awe, or bathed in a serene cloud of admiration and fantasy. The beauty of these items is their ability to transport us to a different world – a magical place where aesthetics reigns supreme and the heady perfume of mystery and captivation shimmers thickly in the very air around us. They fill us with rapture; the feeling of floating that occurs when you catch a sunlit glimpse of Marilyn Monroe walking down the street; straining to see the hypnotic flash of her angelic locks and dark lined lashes in a crowd, not quite sure if she’s real or not. Even if you were to meet her you know that you would never be able to quite convince yourself that it wasn’t all just a dream.

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Raven Tao

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