Street Roses : Louis Marie De Schryver

The beautiful Parisian flower seller scenes of Louis Marie de Schryver have always shone in my memory as wonderful capturings of Victorian life. Juxtapositions of wealth and worker, carriage and cart, buyer and seller on the backdrop of Paris’ exquisite scenery make these artworks an utter delight for my mind, as they combine the pleasures of Victorian art, flowers, fashion, architecture and culture in a single scene.

Whilst apparently not much is known about Louis Marie de Schryver, what is known about him appears to point to a touch of innate genius and talent, as written in an article which states that he exhibited at the early age of 13, apparently without any record of having studied under a master, and at the age of 17 won a bronze medal at the World’s Fair in Sydney for his painting ‘Lilacs.’

Around the turn of the century Louis Marie de Schryver’s creative attention was captivated with painting scenes of automobile races, with Gerald Schurr writing that “the viewer gets the same flashing impression as a driver would get of the thrill of color before a large crowd.” However, it seems that he world had yet to catch up to his visionary genius, for paintings of automobiles were not yet popular and by 1910 he had returned to painting the popular Parisian scenes that he was so loved for.

Which, I must admit, suits me just fine – for as much as I admire the beauty and discipline of car racing, I adore the pretty captivation of Victorian flower sellers much more.

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