Miss Lisa 1867’s period clothing on Etsy

According to Miss Lisa 1867’s Etsy store bio, she’s been making period clothing for 25 years, which might be the reason why these lovely items look so splendidly historical (and not just a modern interpretation of period fashion). It appears that she wears it too (and well!), and is an avid fan of Civil War period clothing, creating pieces using patterns re-produced from original patterns and patterns drafted from original garments.

Specialising in the civil war era period (1850 to 1865) and bustles gowns (circa 1867 to 1890) she can be contacted for personalised wedding and other gowns for any occasion. So if you’d like to look like a true Disney princess in historically accurate clothing, drop Miss Lisa 1867 a note on Etsy. I haven’t worked with her before but from the looks of her gowns, it would be an immense pleasure to.

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