MONTH 2 : 3 Months of Tightlacing

Well I must admit that my birthday threw a bit of a spanner into things. Visiting family also contributed to my inconsistency, and so I have improved my diet but haven’t been tightly lacing or wearing my corset daily. Part of the reason for this might also be that I’ve started Crossfit again (at baby level and mostly for intensive cardio so I don’t get bulky) and that just whacks me out for a while. Needless to say the end of November wasn’t very productive in terms of lacing, but I do consider all of this a discovery process as I figure out what works best for me.

Here are the results of Month 2 :

Waist size comparision (Tightest lacing possible):
Start of month 1 : 28.7″
End of month 1 : 26.2″
End of month 2 : 26.3″

Thigh measurement (weight loss):
Start of month 1 : 24″
End of month 1 : 22.9″
End of month 2 : 22.2″

Notes on Month 2 :

  • Birthday mayhem & family visit through November. Chaos! Less lacing.
  • Started crossfit, tiring but will be good to wear corset after exercise.
  • Can lace down to the same reduction as one month ago; body didn’t return to a larger waist size reduction after no corset wearing.
  • Fat bulge at the top of corset still visible.
  • Weight loss on thighs.

Food notes :
Month 1 : Have reduced dairy intake but haven’t been keeping to strict paleo diet.
Month 2 : Great improvement in diet at the end of November. 80% paleo regularly, only occasional dairy or sweet liquids.

Exercise notes :
Month 1 : Exercising most days of the week, 20 mins minimum.
Month 2 : Started Crossfit 3x weekly, 1hour intensive cardio w. weights per session.

Progress so far :
START : 28.7″ WAIST / 24″ THIGH
Month 1 : 26.2″ WAIST / 22.9″ THIGH
Month 2 : 26.3″ WAIST / 22.2″ THIGH

Onwards to Month 3 of my 3 Months of Tightlacing.

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