Wearing A Corset Through My Birthday Week Celebrations

I’ve got to say, there’s been a lot of food dancing in front of me this week. My annual birthday celebrations tend to be spread out over seven to ten days to accommodate everyones schedules (and just as an excuse to arrange more fun stuff).
This year has been no different, with my birthday falling on a Thursday and celebrations stretching for days thereafter. So what is one to do when one is faced with a mile of deliciousness and more cake than one could possibly feel responsible eating? One wears ones corset!

I have to admit that I didn’t think this would be so easy and I’ll admit to slipping into corset laziness as I’ve moved away from my usual routine to dress in more casual clothing for visiting tourist attractions with visiting family.
However, wearing my corset for the last month has stopped me from much of my grazing and greatly hindered eating past my full point, because my stomach won’t stretch out to accommodate the unnecessary food. So it’s been great, since the side effect of eating only as much as my body actually wants is that my body feels pretty spritely and happy.

Therefore, getting through the birthday week was easier than I’d anticipated, but doing the full day touristy activities has thrown me off course a little.

Fortunately, I don’t drink (or like) alcohol so didn’t have to worry about filling my stomach with that, but I do have a big penchant for chocolate (as you can tell from the chocolatey denseness of Raven’s Raw Superfood Chocolate Slices) so the birthday cake was difficult to say no to!

I’m sure my natural stomach measurement has gone up an inch or two after the frivolities of my birthday week but hopefully I haven’t undone the good work of Month 1, and I shall keep to my goals and continue to lace down towards my 24″ goal.
I’m in Month 2 now, so there’s one more month to go, and it’s going to be a tough one because I’ll be wearing my corset through Xmas with the family, and that means lacing while enjoying my MOTHERS DELICIOUS COOKING as I reach the end of my 3 Months of Tightlacing and write up a post of the results. Stay tuned!

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