Stephan Sedlacek : Czech, b. 1868 – d. 1936

Artist : Stephan Sedlacek : Czech, b. 1868 – d. 1936

Stephan Sedlacek is one of many wonderful Victorian artists that I fear I shall not be able to uncover full detailed biographies on. However I’m quite sure that the artists I post about might quite agree that a picture tells a thousand words, and so I shall let their work tell the stories that they have so eloquently captured.

From what I can see, it appears that the artist had quite a close understanding of the upper classes, with a few images of lower classes visiting fortune tellers, and a series on visiting an oriental harem, but for the most part Sedlacek seems to focus on capturing the opulence of the social activities of the elite. The people are small, wrapped in the finery of their fashion and surroundings, basking in the fortune that has smiled upon them. The scenes are calm, fun, peaceful and very refined. An embodiment of the ideals of the era.

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