My Early Birthday Present Is Here! Hint : Corsets…

A gasp and a pure sunshine-filled moment of delight welcomed the arrival of a brown cardboard box at my door. There, delicately packaged in fine white crepe paper, each individually wrapped with a neat label attached, lay my early birthday corsets. They lay there like peacefully sleeping babies, calm and serene and absolutely perfect.

I cradled the box in my arm and took my darlings into the wardrobe room so they could get used to their new home. I unwrapped each piece with the wonder reserved for those basking in the beauty of the things they love.

There are some truly beautiful pieces in this collection, including a discreetly charming black brocade underbust, a smouldering full body black silk overbust, a fanciful purple and gold brocade overbust, forest nymph moss underbust, summer mesh corset and of course… oh of course… the goddess of the collection – a deep blush, low cut, lace trimmed overbust of heavenly presence.

Yes, it was the most amazing early birthday present in the world, and I am so looking forward to being able to wear these pieces over the year ahead. Especially during the later months of my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment and hopefully long after its completion.

Even with these delights in my possession, each piece sweetly awaiting its time out in the sparkling lights of the city, I know there is yet another beautiful corset waiting for me… having life breathed into it even as I write this, each stitch bringing it closer to me: my tailor made, swarovski encrusted, multi-paneled black taffeta birthday corset from my Dearest Beloved. The moment I set eyes on it I knew that it was destined to hug my ribs in its warm embrace.
It will arrive sometime between now and December and I eagerly await its joyful arrival for the holiday season. Until then I shall dance with these beauties throughout the weeks ahead as I continue to sing, love, seek inspiration and be inspired in my pursuit of beauty.




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    1. Glad you like it! I’m hoping for an equally exquisite corset this year – ‘Claire de Lune’ by Angela Friedman. I’m a big fan of her corsets – they’re as light as feathers! And I’m just preparing a post on corset reviews of the different brands I own, which I’d like to pair with some youtube videos. Hope that it will be helpful to you on your corseting adventures! 🙂

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