CORSETS WITH RAVEN : Corsets & Waist Training for Beginners- PART 1 : Basics of a Corset (Crash Course)

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have questions about corsets and decided to share what I know in some YouTube videos for beginners.
‘Corsets with Raven’ is a five part crash course introduction to corsets and goes over information such as what an actual corset is (not a latex waist cincher or other Kardashian ‘corset’!); buying a corset and how to measure yourself; how to put on your own corset (and lace it up); seasoning and what to expect when waist training, as well as some of my own experiences corseting.

Here’s Part 1 of 5 below. 🙂 The rest of the series is yet to be filmed so please do make suggestions or requests for the upcoming videos.

Hopefully it’ll be helpful to some people out there! If you find it interesting or useful to you, please share, like or comment. I’m open to topics to cover in the rest of the series which I’ll film in the months ahead as I continue through my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment.

So far I’ve had instagram requests for tips on lacing up your own corset, and a suggestion that I share my waist training journey on youtube, so I’ll mention that in the next video and be sure to load before and after comparisions once the three months experiment is completed.

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