I Wear My Mesh Corset Next To The Skin

This is a question that all mesh corset wearers will ask – can I wear my mesh corset next to the skin? The answer will differ from person to person but a few recurring points I’ve discovered are thus:

  • In order to protect the corset, a liner should be used that is made of breathable fabric, as described in my similar post : can I wear mesh corsets next to the skin?
  • Wearing corsets directly on the skin can cause allergies for some people and excess moisture may damage the corset.

HOWEVER, living in Asia where it’s rather ridiculously hot much of the time, I wanted to buy mesh corsets with the express intention of wearing them next to the skin without a liner in summer, to avoid extra heat.
Because of this I decided on the mesh corsets of Orchard Corsets because they’re a good starting price point and able to be replaced if I discover that they do get damaged with extensive summer wear next to the skin, which I’ll write an update on in the warmer months.

I was asked on instagram whether I do any prep for wearing mesh corsets on my skin – powders or lotions etc.

The answer is that I do not put anything on my skin beforehand, I just make sure I wear it next to the skin after I’m clean and dry from a shower. Having said that, I can imagine that loose talcum powder / baby powder would probably be what I would use, if I did need to use anything.

Since I’m waist training for my CORSET CURVES 3-month Sculpted Hourglass Experiment I wear my corset quite snugly, so there’s not much room for movement to cause chaffing. Fortunately I don’t have sensitive skin and I don’t sweat much so I’m free of issues there. When I take the corset off there’s still the typical minor itchiness as the blood recirculates, but much less intensity than when I started.

When I first started wearing my Orchard Corset cs201 mesh corset, the cool tickling feeling of the fabric against the little mesh holes took some getting used to, as I describe in my post on my first time wearing the mesh corset next to the skin.

But now that I’ve been wearing my mesh corset for a while, I don’t even notice any cool or tickling sensation – my body has probably adjusted to it- and when I take the corset off, the little round bumps that are there from the mesh are no longer sensitive. They’re still visible but don’t feel different to the rest of my skin, despite looking quite severe, as you can see in the photos below.
I can’t say whether this is because I’ve lost a few inches off my waist in the last three weeks since starting my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment, but it might contribute, and I would guess that my body has adapted to the corset and training quite well.

The mesh corsets remain some of my favourite for daywear, due to their light weight and flexibility. Every time I wear my mesh corset it’s noticeably cooler than any other corset I own, and I love putting it on after exercising.

For people who find mesh corsets next to the skin a little uncomfortable, trust your body – perhaps talcum powder or a corset liners are options to try? Make sure to always stick with what works for your body, and take it slow. There are no instant results with corseting, but I’ve seen some positive results in three short weeks and I personally find that the discipline of patience makes it all the more exciting and rewarding.

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