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Fun, bright, sophisticated or stylish – the fine dining china of Wedgwood is a pleasure to behold. A must for anyone looking for that touch of history in their dining setting, Wedgwood has been supplying pretty dinnerware, tea ware, and other chinaware to stylish diners (and tea lovers) since its founding in 1759. Upon perusing their site today I discovered that they have some sweet additions to the classic collections, with contributing designers like Vera Wang creating understated plate patterns, polite champagne flutes and photo frames in a wedding collection, as well as this utterly delightful little ‘kissing bell’ which I’m completely in love with! (And would use as a dinner bell.)


Wedgwood is a wonderful company for wedding present gift lists and is perfectly suited to fitting out a home with those fine ceramic or silver touches. My favourite collection is the Butterfly Bloom tea collection of pretty vintage florals and butterflies, hand decorated and gilded with 24ct gold and inspired by Wedgwood’s 18th century pattern archives.

Of all the pieces, the three tiered cake stand is the one I like the best, and I think the little plates would be adorable for serving nibbles to guests. Also, some of the items of the Harlequin collection fit in well and complement the fun theme of Butterfly Bloom – like the bold Yellow Ribbons Cup and Saucer the Ribbon Rose Cup and Saucer, and Turquoise Crocus Teacup and Saucer. So pretty, so fun!

While these beautiful pieces are really lovely for daytime entertaining, in the long run my style of choice would be the Wedgwood willow pattern blue & whites. Classic enough to use every day and popular enough to further furnish the collection from any other blue and white china sets, it’s a pattern that’s easy to add to over the years while maintaining a sophisticated consistency. Blue and whites are so pretty and timeless, and when placed well can bring a touch of the old world to a modern home. Check out The Enchanted Home for some decor inspirations using blue and whites, and some lovely visual examples of how a home can be both modern and traditionally grand at the same time. And if simple blue and whites are too classic, Wedgwood also offers some pretty vases in traditional shapes with Butterfly Bloom patterns. So pretty!

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