My Birthday Corset – Could It Be Totally Waisted!?

The path to finding my birthday corset has been filled with adventures.
As you may know, my Dearest Beloved thinks that the idea of buying me a corset for my birthday is a wonderful one (and I love him even more for that!)
Originally I was looking at the beautiful custom corsets of Morua Corsetry, since my fave Etsy seller, The Trashy Victorian, is a fan.
Then, because I’m not a long-term tightlacer (I’ve been a fan of corsetry since my teens, but haven’t done regular waist training before) I thought that it might be best to explore the grounds, do some more research and see what else is available.

And so I started on my voyage of waist training delight.
I realised that first I would need a proper steel boned training corset and perhaps one other to wear casually in the daytime, or at night, dressed up with a skirt or with jeans. I concluded that a black one and a simple, pretty white one would be a good starting set. (I’m one of those people who loves wearing monotones.)

Together with Miss Facetools, I purchased a waist training underbust corset of exquisite shape from Mystic City Corsets, and then I had my odd Meschantes experience when I ordered their lovely ready to wear ivory bridal contessa overbust corset.

From there I started my waist training, and continued with my research. I then discovered Maya Hansen corsets, and it was seeing their subtly dramatic brocade overbusts that made me decide that my first birthday corset would be a beautiful black one, with some sort of embellishment on the hips.
We shortlisted the Nicole Black Brocade Basic with straight bustline for my fiancee to purchase, but when two weeks had passed without a reply to his enquiries, he came to me and asked what I’d like to do if they didn’t come back to us at all.

Of course, what is one to do when one have a question about corsets?
I went to my trusted source of all things fabulously corsety on the internet – Lucy’s Corsetry, and discovered her review of a beautiful black Totally Waisted Corsets longline underbust with black taffeta, with lovely lace and black Swarovski crystals. It was a dream come true with a tiny waist shape and big hip spring- and in an underbust, which may better accommodate any upcoming weight loss from all the exercise of my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment. Perfection!

I told my fiancee about it and we decided that it was a decision between the Maya Hansen corset and the Totally Waisted corset. So, I emailed Totally Waisted about it and as luck would have it – Maya Hansen replied within the same few days with profuse apologies for the delay due to website submissions internal errors.

However, from seeing the images of both corsets, I suspected that the Maya Hansen corset was not as complex as the Totally Waisted corset, (so it might be more of a fashion corset than a trainer.) I like to lace pretty tightly, so my birthday corset would need to be able to withstand that, and when Lucy confirmed the number of panels on the Totally Waisted corset (five per side) I knew that we had our front runner.

So here we are, waiting with bated breath. If Totally Waisted have the underbust corset available then that would be a dream come true. Otherwise we’ll just have to see if they can recreate one?
My Dearest Beloved is going to make an enquiry and we’ll find out more in the weeks ahead. I guess the only questions will be the following :

1. How on earth am I going to manage my excitement over the weeks ahead, knowing that this divine, gorgeous, luxurious and utterly covetable corset is flying along on its way to me??
2. What am I going to wear it with on my birthday??

Oh the excitement… I simply jump with joy!

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