IT BEGINS : 3 Months of Tightlacing

October 1st has arrived and with it the start of my corset + exercise experiment. You can see the background and inspiration for this experiment in my previous post on the topic. Here I’ll just share my ideas for the three months ahead.

I’ll aim to include in my day (in any order):

  • Exercise
  • Superfood shake
  • Anything paleo meal
  • Anytime superfood brownie (see my simple weight reducing paleo superfood brownie recipe here.)

My lacing goals are simply to benchmark progress :

Goal : 28″ to 24″ (closed corset)
In 4 weeks – approximate goal closing 1/2″ a fortnight (roughly)
In 3 months – Oct, Nov, Dec. (3″ loss in 3mths)

I’ll be keeping my corsets pretty loose around the ribs since I like my big ‘ole soprano lungs, and focusing on cinching tight around the waist specifically after exercise to see if it makes a difference to the way the muscles develop over three months. My cute little Orchard Corset waspies are in the mail and I’m especially excited to write a review of the short black and nude mesh waspies – as I’ll be wearing them next to the skin most days.

I’m quite excited about the adventures ahead and I know there will be some interesting updates to write about, including how I manage to wear a corset through my birthday week celebrations and whether there I notice any physical issues from daily corseting.

So I’m going to get started, keep notes, take photos and check back in when I’ve got some updates to report. Stay tuned for the results of Month 1 in my 3 Months of Tightlacing!

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