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Orchard Corset is a wonderful, well priced corset company that ships internationally and is suitable for waist training. While the curve is not as extreme as other companies like Mystic City, or quite as hourglass as Meschantes, they do have ‘silhouette levels’ of 1, 2, and 3 – with 3 being the most hourglass.
Of course, their corsets don’t look as high quality as bespoke work but are a great option for newbies or people who may be losing some weight (and will have to size down once they change size).

I discovered them through the fun casual corset training videos of SouljaGurlSha on youtube, and used Lucy’s Corsetry 15% discount code : CORSETLUCY15

Orchard Corset has some lovely basic corsets in overbust and underbust, and a nice selection of black corsets in satin, cotton, leather and brocade in various sizes from 16″-46″ waists. I know that higher underbust corsets have a tendency to push the bust upwards, which can be a bother for bigger chested girls – so Orchard Corset’s lovely short waspies are a great option for training less conspicuously over or under clothes.

There are also fun patterned prints and pretty brocades available at Orchard Corset, but my favourite are the mesh corsets. I had never worn a mesh corset before, so I purchased my first sample mesh corset second hand just to give it a try. I was really surprised by just how comfortable a mesh corset can be. While the sample I purchased was a little too long on the torso, it motivated me to look further into mesh corsets and get the black and nude mesh waspies from Orchard Corset. They’ve just had stock arrive of the nude one so I was able to order it today.

For me, this is really exciting because I am interested to wear my training corset under my clothes most of the time. While I have some gorgeous outerwear pieces, I’m simply not enamoured with the look of mesh corsets outside of clothing, and nude corsets don’t flatter my skintone or style at all.
Therefore, a flexible lightweight nude mesh corset that I can wear through the summer and under blouses or any colour clothing is ideal.

Also, the waspie was the most natural choice since I’ll be wearing it a lot throughout my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment. The shorter length will hopefully be more comfortable on my torso, since I have a wide ribcage and am not interested to train it down. This is for a few reasons:

Firstly, for my singing adventures I want to be practicing to make my lungs and ribs bigger and more efficient – with my childhood background as a swimmer this is a natural expansion – but it means that I want only my waist trained, not my ribs.

Secondly, I live in Asia, where it is humid warm weather for a lot of the year and swelteringly hot for much of the rest. Therefore, with the mix of fumes, pollution, humidity and general murk, I want all the oxygen I can get.

And thirdly, I’ve got a lean-curvy shape with wide shoulders and am not petite at all (even if sometimes my photos make me seem smaller – nobody who’s seen me in person has ever described me as petite, ever.) Therefore I like to utilise the wideness of my shoulders and T-shape to create the illusion my waist seeming smaller than it is. While many of us T-shapes lament our big shoulders, it is really handy for corseting and that’s why I’m just aiming to return to a 24″ waist closed corset, because I feel that a 22″ might look a little too small on my frame. But I guess we’ll find out over the course of the next three months since my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment starts tomorrow!

Hopefully my first order of Orchard Corset waspies will arrive soon so that I can mix up my daily waist training with some mesh and waspie waist training corsets together with my sturdy black Mystic City tightlacing corset and my beautiful closed front ivory Meschantes overbust.

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