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I am unabashedly enamoured with the Victorian Trading Co. A true treasure trove of all things delightfully Victorian, I was thrilled beyond belief when I discovered the site during my search for Victorian tea gowns.
The closest feeling I’ve yet encountered while writing here was when I was exploring the art works of Vittorio Reggianini, which stirred in the harp strings of my heart the same reaction, and then thereafter when I laid eyes on the sculpted black taffeta curves of what would be my first birthday corset. Oh what fun it is to be writing here on RegencyGirl! The springtime muse of the seasons seems to dance with me at every turn. It is truly a blessing to be able to endlessly explore an area that one is so in love with.

But I digress. The Victorian Trading Co. is a company that I can forsee myself purchasing many items from in the future. Their beautiful Emily Dickenson inkwell and letter monogram / address stamps are top of my list at present. Then the exquisite hostess serving silverplate set is next on my must-have list, and I can’t help admiring the pink spode pattern pretty bird afternoon tea cup and scone saucer and the crushed pink velvet and lace boudoir gown. And while I’m not entirely sold on the idea of recieving a bottle of someone’s tears, the cobalt blue glass and victorian filigree Victorian Tear Bottle is especially charming for storing perfume oil for daily use.

Perhaps their extensive collection of tea party hats can be a reference for future years at Glorious Goodwood, as it would be SO tremendously fun to dress in a beautiful Trousseau summer gown and attend in pretty Victorian themed attire – perhaps even the eyecatching Ophelia Tapestry Coat?

They have some other beautiful pieces like ink blotter and papers, Victorian calling cards, monogrammed soaps and all manner of home furnishings – including full sofas and lamps, stained glass window pieces, mirrors, curtains and bath goods and covetable items like a tea samavar, Victorian wash basins, lap desks and similarly fun old world items for all rooms of the house, as well as the garden. I’m looking forward to exploring the whole of this extensive site over the months and years ahead. I’m sure it’s going to be fun!

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