My Meschantes Ivory Overbust Has Arrived!

It has been an exciting month-long wait for my Meschantes ivory brocade overbust corset, and now it’s finally here! In the four weeks it’s taken to be crafted and make its way over from America, my reading and research (and Lucy’s Corsetry review of the Meschantes Training corset) revealed that I will probably never be able to close their size 22″ waist corset- (which the Meschantes website says should have 2″ space in the back when fully laced tight), and I’ve seen that the Meschantes experience wavers from brilliant to absolute disaster (I read that one woman sent her corset in for resizing and never saw it again, nor got any reply regarding.)

This was my very first time ordering a corset from Meschantes, and I now understand the mystery and confusion surrounding them. They offer affordable tightlacing corsets at a very good starter price (from approx usd$140 for their basic closed front waist trainer – though I’d recommend real newbies get a front busked corset), and have stores on both Etsy and Ebay.
Their online reviews tend to swing both ways, but I’ve concluded that the general consensus is that buying off the rack from Meschantes can be good, but custom ordering (or anything that requires correspondance can be frustrating/awful.)

My own Meschantes experience was definitely in this same strange vein – a reply to my first message, and then nothing at all to any of my following enquiries. I went ahead and placed the order anyways, as my curiosity was piqued and I so loved the look of the Ivory overbust.

So, it’s been with much anticipation that I’ve awaited my Meschantes package, eagerly checking my mail every day and wondering whether I’ll get the right colour, correct size, if it will fit… whether it will arrive at all?

And now here it is, and WOW, is it marvellous. The corset has curves all of its own when it’s laying on a flat surface, and it fits my proportions like a dream.
I can see how this off the rack size might be a little long for someone shorter than 5’4″ or 5″3″, but it fits my 5’8″ frame very well.

As you can see from the pictures, I’m not even lacing the back much yet, but it’s giving a nice curvy shape for my size.
At my current weight I need to leave it looser around the bust but I’m sure we’ll see changes over the months ahead, as I’m thinking of using this corset for my photo diary for my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment.
I figure with the blue background and white contrast, the silhouette will be extremely clear as my figure changes around the ribs, waist and upper bust.

My conclusion : GORGEOUS. I’m really happy with this item from my first impression. The fabric is wonderful and the fit ideal. Getting into it is a real effort since it doesn’t have a front busk and I estimate that it will take me an average of 10-15mins to put this piece on and lace up properly every time.
While I would love to buy more pieces from Meschantes, I don’t currently see any other designs that suit my style, which is a pity because I would definitely buy their off the rack items again.
Whether I’d risk placing a custom order is another story… but I guess we’ll find out in the future whether I ever decide to risk it.

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