Mesh Corsets : Can I Wear Them Next To The Skin?

Mesh corsets are an interesting thing – I like them for under clothing but personally probably wouldn’t wear them over clothing. Therefore I was trying to find out more about the do’s and don’ts of wearing mesh corsets next to the skin, but didn’t find too much on the topic so decided to write up a review of my own experiences.

I’ll probably write a separate article on mesh corsets and where to purchase them, but here I’m going to focus on whether it’s possible to wear a mesh corset next to the skin without a liner.

Because I live in Asia I have issues with wearing full corsets in the middle of summer because it gets so incredibly hot, and is also very humid here, which can put stress on the breathing. So I bought a beautiful black mesh sample corset to try wearing under clothes in preparation for my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment.

The mesh corset that I have is absolutely gorgeous in measurement and gives a truly divine hourglass shape, but it’s a little long for my torso so tends to creep up a little when I sit down. For this reason I can’t wear this corset for long periods of time, so have ordered a shorter mesh waspie from Orchard Corset, which will hopefully arrive soon.

However, my experience with my full underbust mesh corset is as follows :

Sitting in the corset during the daytime, wearing it over my dress while relaxing with my Dearest Beloved at home, the corset was incredibly comfortable due to the stretch element in the fabric. It was smooth and soft and not bumpy at all. I was really amazed how easy it was to wear it for the entire afternoon, despite having to pull it down often because the hips would push up the waistline to sit closer to my lower ribs. It would be perfect 1″ shorter on the bottom and I think that an 8-10″ length would be suitable for my daily use.

When I decided to wear it out for the day, I put it under my clothing next to the skin without a liner. The day was not too hot and I do not perspire very much, and I am curious to see whether it’s possible to wear a corset without a liner on a daily basis. I know this may cause some damage to the fabric, but with the great prices on Orchard Corsets I am willing to make that investment and take the risk to see the long term results.

Putting the corset on under my clothing (shorts and blouse) felt smooth and comfortable. My skin didn’t bulge through the little holes of the mesh as I would have thought, and it felt a bit like wearing a normal fashion corset because of the stretch. When I put my blouse on there was a subtle tingling sensation from the fabric running over the exposed skin through the mesh. The sensation felt almost cool?

A shorter length or waspie corset would be more suitable for wearing under clothes since the corset hips caused my shorts to ride up and need pulling down often. When I put on a cincher belt, the corset rubbed against the blouse fabric and pulled it up at the side and revealing the corset, so I had to take off the belt. Again, this may not be a problem with a shorter corset.

Wearing it out felt light and cool, like wearing nothing, with good waist cinching but only a light feeling of wearing a corset around the rest of the torso. It had the same comfortable corset hug as normal corsets but felt lighter and didn’t make me hot at all. With the waist tape shifting up to my floating ribs because of the length, I had to adjust my breathing to the lower lung style that I focus on using when singing. If the length was shorter I could have easily worn it all day.

I’ll continue wearing mesh corsets through Months 1, 2 and 3 of my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment and will upload my thoughts on the Orchard Corset Waspie in black, and hopefully in tan when it becomes available.

My conclusion is that over a single summer day in which I am not sweating much, it is extremely comfortable (and addictive!) to wear a mesh corset. It gives me the support that I love, with waist cinching, but allows my movement and breathing to be free. I shall next experiment with the longer term use of a shorter waspie mesh corset and update on that with my conclusions.

Regarding liners
The consensus seems to be to wear only natural fabrics against the skin wherever possible, preferably light cotton or bamboo. There are lycra and other fabric liners available but if the purpose of the mesh corset is to try and keep cool, synthetic fabrics can be redundant. It’s recommended to wear a corset liner, as you can see from this video on Lucy’s Corsetry.

Lucy mentions that she always wears something soft between her skin and the corset to reduce friction burn from the laces or sore spots, and I imagine to prevent skin reactions as well.
I’ll find out over the months ahead whether I really need to wear a corset liner or am able to wear the mesh corset directly next to my skin, because I would rather not have to wear the extra layer of fabric in the humid, hot, mouldy and intense Asian summer heat. I’ll see how that goes and will let you know my findings right here on RegencyGirl.



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