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Mystic City Corsets offers all kinds of shapley tightlacing and training corsets at the best price I’ve seen – around usd$75 for a curvaceous tightlacing underbust, available in myriad options for different body shapes and sizes on their ebay store.
Their overbust selection is more on the leathery sexy side (not suitable for me here in Asia) and so I’ll focus on the training underbust that I decided to purchase with Miss Facetools when we first began on our tightlacing adventure together.

With all of the options available and only subtle differences in the length, bustline or hips, it took us a while to decide on the MCC-32 underbust. It seemed to be an adequate yet modest curve suitable for both our shapes and heights (suitable for both taller and smaller torso length), and a good starter shape for waist training.

I realised that the coloured laces on the back of the ebay store corsets were for visibility only, and that the final corsets standard colour laces were black.

Once it arrived, I gleefully tried it on and found it to be a little heavy but still very comfortable. The modesty panel took me a while to get used to – I considered taking it out but am so glad that I didn’t, as it helps to smooth the laces as they run through the sturdy grommets when pulling it tight (preventing the skin from getting caught).

The shape was an absolute delight to behold but the ribs and hips seemed really conspicuously loose, even when I pulled the back loops (bunny ears) to be as tight as possible around my waist. It took some coordination to figure out that the top string of the bunny ears pulls the hips closed, and the bottom string of the bunny ears draws the bustline in more snugly.

Once that was figured out, it fit like a dream and is now possible to wear underneath loose clothing, though I imagine it’ll get even easier to wear as time goes by.
I’m really happy to have bought it as my first tightlacing corset.

I’m looking forward to wearing it as my main training corset for my CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment starting from October 1st, (hopefully together with my ivory Meschantes corset… if it ever arrives?) and am excited to see the back panel gap of this friendly Mystic City corset shrink as I get closer to my 24″ waist goal.

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