My Birthday Corset Idea – A Corset Every Year

For my birthday, I’ve asked my fiancee if he would like the concept of gifting me with a fabulous corset every year. He thinks it’s a charming idea and while I am absolutely thrilled that my Dearest Beloved feels this way I must admit to being slightly dubious about my ability to hold out for only one corset a year! However, I do feel that it may be a wonderful way to fall completely in love with each one in its own right, and explore exciting options if we move into creating the custom designs.

For this years corset, since it is the first one, I feel that a black everyday corset with patterned lace or damask would be the most ideal. After seeing the photos from my recent charity calendar shoot, I’ve realised that a straight or lightly curved bust line is probably more wearable for me than a pretty plunging sweetheart.
As heartbreaking as this is (I simply love sweetheart necklines!) I’m just a little too busty to wear a sweet V on a daily basis. So, despite the risk that the straight bust line may make my T-figure shoulders look even more enormous (pterodactyl, anyone?) I’m going to make the safer choice in order to have more opportunity to wear my darling new corset. And if all else fails, an underbust will be the easiest solution (and possibly the most versatile…), so there’s a million options to choose from. I’m already getting excited!

Since this will be my first fully tailored birthday corset, I’m really starting to anticipate it, as there are so many options out there and I know the perfect birthday corset is just waiting for me to find it.

Next year, who knows… perhaps a dazzling peacock blue and teal waspie trimmed with antique lace or a sapphire blue brocade with subtle piping from Morua Corsetry. Or maybe Etsy seller LaBelleFairy‘s Victorian silk corset in Moroccan blue and gold that I’m having a hard time peeling my eyes away from…

But there are so many wonderful corsetieres out there, some to be discovered and others to revisit. And each with a fascinating story to tell, which I hope to discover as I interview the corsetieres of the many brands that make up this fascinating and delightfully beautiful industry.

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