3 Months of Tightlacing

After seeing the post in Lucy’s Corsetry about how exercise might be able to reshape or ‘sculpt’ muscles into retaining more of an hourglass shape, I was inspired to test the theory out on myself and track the results over a three month period.

This was because of three things:
1. My post-law studies goal to get back to around working weight by the end of the year. (Approx 3mths).

2. My naturally ‘straight’ waist shape. Being a distinctly T-shaped athletic body type, (also known as inverted triangle) my waist does not have a strong natural hourglass curve, especially when I’m fit. It can appear to be more hourglass when I have some extra fat on my hips or arch my body for photos, but my waist naturally doesn’t pinch in too much at the sides, and I keep weight mostly on the upper part of my body – my ribs, chest and shoulders. (I suppose in rough proportions of the Xmen character Psylocke? Super big shoulders.)


3. My love of corsets. I’ve loved them since I was a teen and have always been comfortable wearing them. There’s something I find comforting about the tight hug of fabric around my waist.

And I thought it would be really interesting to see the results, since I’d be a newbie tightlacer, starting from a blank slate (chubby belly) and dropping back down to my working size, which will require me to exercise a lot and work out my muscles – priming them for the corset training, if the theory is correct.

Admittedly, the results may be clearer if I were a steady fit straight waisted weight and stayed that weight to just focus on the muscle training, like the owner and corsetiere of Contour Corsets, who according to the Lucy’s post on the topic, tested the long-term, semi-permanent effects of waist training on herself for a year.
However, this is not the case and while it may not be visibly ideal to have the weight loss occur, it will be an inevitable side effect of my exercise regime and paleo diet over the three months.

Reading this line was what really piqued my interest :
When you intensely work out your muscles, your fibers break down and must be rebuilt – typically denser and stronger, as your muscles are trying to prevent such mild injury from occurring again in the future. Directly after exercise (when your muscles are still warm, broken and tangled) is when many people recommend you stretch your muscles to help realign the fibers and encourage them to heal in a certain way. Corseting, especially with certain silhouettes, can definitely stretch the oblique muscles.

One sure way that we’ll know whether there have been any results is this : my background in the entertainment industry – measured for every job and my details kept on file. My natural straight waist for my working career has been 25″. My waist has never dropped below 24″ (no matter how slim I was on the rest of my body). So if there is at any point a return to 24″ or (unlikely) less, then we shall know it is definitely the corset.

So, from 1st Oct – 1st Jan I’ll be waist training with proper steel boned tightlacing corsets (hopefully from Mystic City and Meschantes), especially after exercise, eating paleo, tracking my progress with measurements and photos and updating here at RegencyGirl.
Stay tuned for the first installment of my 3 Months of Tightlacing.

Women body typesDisclaimer : This idea and experiment is for my own interest only and I do not condone or endorse it for anyone else to consider or try. For anyone who feels concern for my health or wellbeing please be assured that my exercise regime is the higher priority due to my goal of training to enter the HK Open Indoor Rowing Championships; only achievable with a good level of fitness and nutrition. I would be undergoing this fitness regime regardless of this corset experiment and therefore any potential negative or restrictive effects of corseting would be taken up with my doctor immediately. 

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